Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Tough week for the Moose, going 5-9 and losing my perfect No Doubter streak to start the season.  Every week is a new picture though, and as Rod Stewart tells us; "Every Picture Tells a Story."  Great album by the way.  Got it on vinyl.  RAT is probably jealous about that.  Let's see what we can learn from the story of week 5 and try to right the ship this week.

NYG (+7.5) at Chicago: The Giants have lost five in a row to start the season, and managed to get beaten badly by the lowly Eagles last week.  This would seem like a slam dunk for the Bears, but I think Chicago is on a downward slide of their own and the Giants have to win sometime.  PICK: NYG

Oakland (+9) at Kansas City: Fat Andy is 5-0.  Fucking great.  I think they win this week, but not by 10 or more.  PICK: The Autumn Wind is a Raider

Philadelphia (-1.5) at Tampa Bay: Tampa is 0-4, but is coming off of a bye week.  The Iggs have switched gears to Nick Foles at QB with Vick hurt.  I hate to say it but I think Tampa gets their first win this week.  If not, Schiano gets canned.  Mark it.  PICK: Leg Breakers

Green Bay (-3) at Baltimore: Baltimore at home is always risky to pick against.  I'm taking the Packers offense though.  PICK: Green Bay

Carolina (+2.5) at Minnesota: Minnesota now has three bad quarterbacks.  Adrian Peterson probably longs for the days of Tarvaris Jackson.  Yikes.  PICK: Carolina

St. Louis (+7.5) at Houston: Houston looks really bad one week, then trounces a good team the next.  It doesn't make any sense.  The home crowd is gonna turn on Schaub right out of the gate.  Gimme the Rams.  PICK: St. Louis

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at NYJ:  Well now, the NYJ are 3-2.  I still don't understand it.  But I'll roll with it.  PICK: NYJ

Detroit (-2.5) at Cleveland: PICK:


Cincinnati (-7) at Buffalo: No E.J. Manuel for the Bills, and the Bengals managed to hold Tom Brady to no touchdowns last week.  Smart money is on the Red Rocket this week.  Crazy things can happen at Ralph Wilson Stadium though.  PICK: Cincy

Tennessee (+13.5) at Seattle: Seattle looked bad against the Colts last week, but the Seahawks at home is a different animal altogether.  Fitzy goes for multiple picks in this game.  PICK: Seattle

Jacksonville (+27.5) at Denver:  Largest spread in history.  I'm taking the points.  Denver will probably be up 35-0 at halftime and then put in their backups the rest of the game and win by 24 or something.  PICK: Jacksonville

Arizona (+10.5) at San Francisco: We thought Arizona's defense seemed legit last week, and we still think so.  I like them to cover this week but not win per se.  San Francisco's defense got old fast.  PICK: Arizona

New Orleans (+2.5) at New England: The NEP looked putrid last week.  I think their offense has a hard time keeping up with the Saints even with Gronk back in the lineup.  PICK: New Orleans

Washington (+5.5) at Dallas: Dallas ran up the scoreboard last week against Denver but still lost.  I think they hold Washington in check this week.  PICK: Dallas

Indianapolis (-1.5) at San Diego:  This line is so close it makes you wonder if its a sucker bet.  I'll bite.  PICK: Indianapolis

OVERALL: 35-40-2

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