Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

In hindsight, Moose Calls would have been a brilliant name for my weekly picks.  I'm not surprised that I didn't come up with something that clever though.  I can take solace in a 9-6 week seven however.  Let's continue the march towards .500!

Carolina (-6) at Tampa Bay: Unfortunately Tampa Bay and Jacksonville don't play each other this year.  That would be must see tv.  Carolina is at .500 after a miserable start to the season.  Look for them to throttle the Bucs.  PICK: Carolina NO DOUBTER

San Francisco (-16.5) at Jacksonville: The London Jaguars are a mighty foe, and should be able to keep the 49ers from winning by 17.  PICK: Jacksonville

Dallas (+3) at Detroit: Dallas held the Eagles to three points last week and are pretty proud about it.  The Lions are going to score way more than that.  PICK: Detroit

NYG (+5.5) at Philadelphia:  If the Eagles win, it is going to be close.  Not sure how healthy Vick is, and the Giants defense is improving.  PICK: NYG

Cleveland (+7.5) at Kansas City: Cleveland's defense is strong enough to hold the Chiefs offense in check.  But this all comes down to Jason Campbell at quarterback.  I could see the Browns scoring 0 points on Sunday.  Chudzinski is probably so sad right now.  PICK: Kansas City

Buffalo (+11.5) at New Orleans: The Saints are coming off of a bye after a tough loss to the Pats.  They get real and act real against Buffalo.  Side note: Demamp has REALLY aged the past two years or so.  PICK: New Orleans

Miami (+6.5) at NEP: The NEP make a statement this week after an embarrassing and questionable loss to the NYJ last week.  PICK: NEP

NYJ (+6.5) at Cincinnati: The NYJ got everyone's hope us last week.  Let down city this week.  PICK: Cincy

Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Oakland: Steelers and the Raiders.  40 years ago this game really would have meant something.  Classic autumn wind is a Raider game.  PICK: Oakland

Washington (+12.5) at Denver: Washington is going to get blown out by the Denver Broncos.  It's been really exciting to watch Robert Griffin press conferences since Tuesday though.  PICK: Denver

Atlanta (+2.5) at Arizona: Atlanta bounced back with a win last week.  But strange things happen in the desert.  The Cards are bringing the Guatemalan insanity peppers on D, and Carson will have his spirit guide with him this week.  PICK: Arizona

Green Bay (-9) at Minnesota: Good call on Josh Freeman!  Are we sure he doesn't have a permanent concussion?  Even with injuries, look for Rodgers to romp.  PICK: Green Bay

Seattle (-11) at St. Louis:  No Slingin' Sammy B for the Rams has me excited to start Seattle's defense in fantasy football this week.  PICK: Seattle

OVERALL: 49-56-2

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