Thursday, November 28, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!  Moose really killed it last week with a 9-5 record.  Taking down Vegas like a steely eyed veteran, and making strides back towards .500.  Let's get rolling on week 13 before the tryptophan and coors light knocks us all out at 5:30pm.

Green Bay (+6) at Detroit: Detroit is reeling after an unexplainable loss to Tampa Bay.  I think this is Schwartz's downfall in the making.  PICK: Green Bay

Oakland (+9.5) at Dallas:  Dallas will manage to keep Oakland in this game.  PICK: Oakland

Pittsburgh (+3) at Baltimore: Pittsburgh is on a roll.  And Big Ben probably really wants to eat a turkey leg.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Tennessee (+4.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck misses his security blanket Reggie Wayne more than Bart misses his soul after he traded it to Milhouse for some sponge dinosaurs.  PICK: Tennessee

Denver (-5) at Kansas City: Kansas City's defense is hobbled and just gave up 41 points to Big Phil Rivers.  PICK: Denver

Jacksonville (+7) at Cleveland: Brandon Weeden at qb?  PICK: Jacksonville  (NO DOUBTER)

Tampa Bay (+8) at Carolina: Carolina has been winning, but the games have been close.  Tampa is also on the upswing.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Chicago (+1) at Minnesota: Minnesota refuses to acknowledge that giving Adrian Peterson the ball on every play would give them the best chance to win.  PICK: Chicago

Arizona (+3) at Philadelphia:  The Cardinals defense is LEGIT.  I know we are not in the desert (where crazy things happen as we know) but I think the Eagles get lambasted here.  PICK: Arizona

Miami (+2) at NYJ: The NYJ have been shit lately.  But I think they pick up a home win here.

Atlanta (+3) at Buffalo:  A shitty Falcons team heads up to Ralph Wilson Stadium where they are going to get destroyed.  PICK: Buffalo

St. Louis (+8.5) at San Francisco: The Rams pull off the upset here.  PICK: St. Louis

New England (-7.5) at Houston:  Huge win for the Pats last week.  BB and TB12 will be all business this week.  PICK: NEP

Cincinnati (+1) at San Diego: I like the Bungals after a bye week.  Hopefully Big Phil Rivers gets a few fantasy points though.  PICK: Cincy

NYG (-1) at Washington:  Hmm.  RG3-9.  PICK: NYG

New Orleans (+5) at Seattle: Seattle's defensive backs are all getting suspended.  No bueno.  PICK: New Orleans

OVERALL: 82-88-5

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

I feel as stupid as this guy looks after going a measly 3-8-3 last week.  That hurts big time.  No doubt going to be tough to bounce back from. Only one way to do it though.  Win the whole...fuckin...thing.

New Orleans (-9) at Atlanta: The Falcons are pathetic.  I bet Tony Gonzalez is glad he stuck around for another year.  PICK: New Orleans

Tampa Bay (+9) at Detroit: Detroit had a bad loss last week, and Tampa Bay is building momentum.  If Detroit gives the ball to Reggie Bush more they cover.  But they won't.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Jacksonville (+10) at Houston: Ugly ugly game.  PICK: Jacksonville

Minnesota (+4.5) at Green Bay: Ugly ugly game.  PICK: Minnesota

San Diego (+5) at Kansas City: Big Phil Rivers has fallen way off from his early season productivity levels.  Kansas is looking to beat up on someone after that tough game against the Broncs.  PICK: Kansas City

Carolina (-4.5) at Miami: Cam is looking pretty legit.  Look for Carolina's defense to absolutely destroy Ryan Tannehill too.  PICK: Carolina

Pittsburgh (+2) at Cleveland: Sucker bet?  I'll bite again.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Chicago (+1.5) at St. Louis: I have no idea what to make of Chicago.  This team is all over the place.  I guess I'll take them as dogs in St. Louis though.  PICK: Chicago

NYJ (+3.5) at Baltimore:  The NYJ can hang with the best at home, but on the road they are more bumbling than a pair of Simpson and Son revitalizing tonic salesmen.  PICK: Baltimore (NO DOUBTER)
Tennessee (-1) at Oakland: Another confounding team.  The Tennessee Titans.  Their defense seems to be stepping up to the plate.  I hate picking Fitzy though.  PICK: Tennessee

Indianapolis (+2) at Arizona: The Colts have struggled lately, while Carson is starting to shine.  And the fact that crazy things happen in the desert has been well documented.  PICK: Arizona

Dallas (+2.5) at NYG: Tony Romo is by no means a superstar quarterback, but he is better than Terrelle Pryor, Matt Barkley, Scott Tolzien and Josh Freeman combined.  This game will be a good litmus test for the Giants four game winning streak.  PICK: Dallas

Denver (-2.5) at NEP: The NEP have a legitimate gripe about the end of last week's game.  However, they were also lousy on 3rd down defense and turned the ball over in the red area.  I don't think they get Manning off the field enough this week despite their amazing record at home in the later months.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (-6) at Washington: Washington is a bad football team.  Mike Shanahan has lost it as a coach.  RGIII is also going right along the same path of development as the McNabbs, Vicks and Youngs of the NFL.  It is funny when its happening to another team.  PICK: San Francisco

LAST WEEK: 3-8-3
OVERALL: 73-83-5

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

I need in this fraternity like Taco Bell needs to start selling chili.  We are just talking about no-brainer type stuff here.  I'd turn the Loyal Order of Moose into a well-oiled machine in no time.  Enjoying the most moose-ish of pursuits.  I'm gonna do some research, but right off the bat it sounds Canadian.  That could pose a problem.  Anyway, I was 6-8 last week.  Not great, but there were several surprising games.  Any given Sunday indeed.  Let's move forward.

Indianapolis (-3) at Tennessee:  The Colts got smacked by the Rams last week, and Tennessee lost to the Jaguars.  I bet they are both happy it was a short week.  I like the Colts defense to get after Fitzy.  He is a turnover machine.  PICK: Indy

Atlanta (-1.5) at Tampa Bay: Big win for Tampa on Monday, but they lost another running back in the process.  I like a team with a white starting running back though.  PICK: Tampa

NYJ (+1) at Buffalo:  The Jets are coming off of a bye and have the ground game working.  I thought they were going to be absolutely terrible this year.  I stand corrected.  PICK: NYJ

Detroit (-2.5) at Pittsburgh: Technically I lost taking Detroit -2.5 last week, but I'm counting (not officially of course) it as a win because they beat Chicago in Soldier Field in a tough game.  Pittsburgh has shown life lately, but I don't think they can stop the Lions. PICK: Detroit

Washington (+3.5) at Philadelphia: The Eagles have improved a lot on both sides of the ball since week 1.  Still, this will be a close game, and the Eagles are at home.  PICK: Washington

San Diego (-1.5) at Miami: Miami has been completely derailed by Jonathan Martin's bullying accusations.  PICK: San Diego (NO DOUBTER)

Baltimore (+3) at Chicago: Baltimore at home and on the road are two different teams.  The Bears are really dinged up though.  PICK: Baltimore

Cleveland (+6) at Cincinnati: Chudzinksi has got me back in his camp.  PICK: Cleveland

Oakland (+7) at Houston: Case Keenum is making the Texans forget about Matt Schaub faster than Bart, Homer and Co. forgot about Santa's Little Helper when Bart bought Laddie.  Seriously though, that episode almost made me cry.  That's not good pet ownership.  PICK: Houston

Arizona (-7) at Jacksonville: Big win for the Jags last week.  Moose has been bullish on the Cards all season though.  PICK: Arizona

Kansas City (+8) at Denver: The game of the year.  We'll see how good the Chiefs really are.  Kansas City's defense is good enough to keep them within 8 points, and Andy Reid beat Peyton and killed Austin Collie last time he played them.  PICK: Kansas City

Minnesota (+12.5) at Seattle: It hasn't always been pretty, but Seattle is 9-1.  Minnesota doesn't stand a chance.  PICK: Seattle

San Francisco (+3) at New Orleans: New Orleans at home.  Can't bet against that.  PICK: New Orleans

Green Bay (+5) at NYG:  The Giants have won three in a row against Josh Freeman, Matt Barkley and Terrelle Pryor.  Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien shouldn't stand in their way of win number four, but I think it remains close.  PICK: Green Bay

New England (+2.5) at Carolina: In head to head matchups between AFC/NFC teams this season, it is tied up 23-23.  In the head to head matchups involving some of the better teams from each conference, the AFC have had the upper hand I believe (think NYJ over New Orleans, Indy dismantling SF and beating SEA, Cincy beating DET and GB).  Combine that with the fact that BB has had an extra week to carve up the Panthers defense.  PICK: NEP

OVERALL: 70-75-2

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Shout out to the University of Maine at Augusta Moose!  Great team name, great logo, great school.  The Harvard of central Maine is how I've always heard it described.  Moose will need a little support this week after a lackluster and listless week nine.  6-7 won't cut it.  Let's press on!

Washington (-2.5) at Minnesota: Minnesota is a little bit better than their 1-7 record would dictate.  But they seemingly find ways to lose games.  I'll take the Washington RATskins in this one.  PICK: Washington

Jacksonville (+12) at Tennessee: It is becoming a pain to try and calculate how much the Jags are going to lose by each week.  But with wide receiver Justin Blackmon suspended again for hood rat things, the Jags will have no offense.  PICK: Tennessee

Philadelphia (+1.5) at Green Bay: I want to believe in Nick Foles and the Eagles.  I really do.  I would love to see them come in here and make a statement against Green Bay.  A win at Lambeau is a win even with Seneca Wallace at qb.  Fuck it, I'm all in on Foles.  PICK: Philadelphia
 America's Bad Boys 2013

Buffalo (+3) at Pittsburgh: Ben looked good last week (what else is new?) and the pump fake is in vintage form.  The defense should have an easier time against Buffalo.  Side note: Troy Polamalu has turned into a really bad player.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Oakland (+7) at NYG: The NYG have been playing better defense lately. And if Nick Foles can throw seven tds against the Raiders then Eli should be just fine. PICK: NYG

St. Louis (+9.5) at Indianapolis: T.Y. Hilton is starting to take it to the next level.  Colts romp in the dome against prep school Clemens.  PICK: Indy

Seattle (-6.5) at Atlanta: Atlanta has gone to shit this season.  Seattle has been playing poorly lately too.  This game will be all about toughness though, and Atlanta has none.  PICK: Seattle

Cincinnati (-1.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore lost to the Browns last week.  The Bengals lost to the Dolphins.  Ugly.  This is a statement game for Cincy in the AFC North.  Gotta go through the champs.  Prove it.  PICK: Cincy

Detroit (-2.5) at Chicago: Everybody is high on Chicago since Aaron Rodgers got hurt.  They are the Flaming Moe (or Meaux) of football right now.  I just don't see it.  Their defense is still in trouble with injuries, while the Lions offense is shining brighter than Homer's head after he stuck it in the Shine-O Ball-O.  PICK: Detroit

 Carolina (+6) at San Francisco: This should be a great game.  Carolina is on an absolute roll.  San Francisco is coming off a bye and is at home though.  Harbaugh should be able to pull this one out.  PICK: San Francisco

Houston (+2.5) at Arizona:  I think Case Keenum injects some life into this offense and gets the team going.  Arizona is lifeless but has a legit defense.  I like Andre Ellington in the backfield as well.  PICK: Arizona

Denver (-7) at San Diego: Peyton Manning had two weeks to study the San Diego defense.  PICK: Denver (NO DOUBTER)

Dallas (+7) at New Orleans: Fuck the Saints for ruining me in suicide pool last week.  But I also want them to beat Dallas.  Sproles is back as well.  PICK: New Orleans

Miami (-3) at Tampa Bay: JFK: American Experience; Ghostbusters II; Forrest Gump; Global Supercard Wrestling.  All things on tv Monday night that I will be watching instead of this game.  PICK: Miami

OVERALL: 64-67-2