Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

I feel as stupid as this guy looks after going a measly 3-8-3 last week.  That hurts big time.  No doubt going to be tough to bounce back from. Only one way to do it though.  Win the whole...fuckin...thing.

New Orleans (-9) at Atlanta: The Falcons are pathetic.  I bet Tony Gonzalez is glad he stuck around for another year.  PICK: New Orleans

Tampa Bay (+9) at Detroit: Detroit had a bad loss last week, and Tampa Bay is building momentum.  If Detroit gives the ball to Reggie Bush more they cover.  But they won't.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Jacksonville (+10) at Houston: Ugly ugly game.  PICK: Jacksonville

Minnesota (+4.5) at Green Bay: Ugly ugly game.  PICK: Minnesota

San Diego (+5) at Kansas City: Big Phil Rivers has fallen way off from his early season productivity levels.  Kansas is looking to beat up on someone after that tough game against the Broncs.  PICK: Kansas City

Carolina (-4.5) at Miami: Cam is looking pretty legit.  Look for Carolina's defense to absolutely destroy Ryan Tannehill too.  PICK: Carolina

Pittsburgh (+2) at Cleveland: Sucker bet?  I'll bite again.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Chicago (+1.5) at St. Louis: I have no idea what to make of Chicago.  This team is all over the place.  I guess I'll take them as dogs in St. Louis though.  PICK: Chicago

NYJ (+3.5) at Baltimore:  The NYJ can hang with the best at home, but on the road they are more bumbling than a pair of Simpson and Son revitalizing tonic salesmen.  PICK: Baltimore (NO DOUBTER)
Tennessee (-1) at Oakland: Another confounding team.  The Tennessee Titans.  Their defense seems to be stepping up to the plate.  I hate picking Fitzy though.  PICK: Tennessee

Indianapolis (+2) at Arizona: The Colts have struggled lately, while Carson is starting to shine.  And the fact that crazy things happen in the desert has been well documented.  PICK: Arizona

Dallas (+2.5) at NYG: Tony Romo is by no means a superstar quarterback, but he is better than Terrelle Pryor, Matt Barkley, Scott Tolzien and Josh Freeman combined.  This game will be a good litmus test for the Giants four game winning streak.  PICK: Dallas

Denver (-2.5) at NEP: The NEP have a legitimate gripe about the end of last week's game.  However, they were also lousy on 3rd down defense and turned the ball over in the red area.  I don't think they get Manning off the field enough this week despite their amazing record at home in the later months.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (-6) at Washington: Washington is a bad football team.  Mike Shanahan has lost it as a coach.  RGIII is also going right along the same path of development as the McNabbs, Vicks and Youngs of the NFL.  It is funny when its happening to another team.  PICK: San Francisco

LAST WEEK: 3-8-3
OVERALL: 73-83-5

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