Thursday, November 28, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!  Moose really killed it last week with a 9-5 record.  Taking down Vegas like a steely eyed veteran, and making strides back towards .500.  Let's get rolling on week 13 before the tryptophan and coors light knocks us all out at 5:30pm.

Green Bay (+6) at Detroit: Detroit is reeling after an unexplainable loss to Tampa Bay.  I think this is Schwartz's downfall in the making.  PICK: Green Bay

Oakland (+9.5) at Dallas:  Dallas will manage to keep Oakland in this game.  PICK: Oakland

Pittsburgh (+3) at Baltimore: Pittsburgh is on a roll.  And Big Ben probably really wants to eat a turkey leg.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Tennessee (+4.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck misses his security blanket Reggie Wayne more than Bart misses his soul after he traded it to Milhouse for some sponge dinosaurs.  PICK: Tennessee

Denver (-5) at Kansas City: Kansas City's defense is hobbled and just gave up 41 points to Big Phil Rivers.  PICK: Denver

Jacksonville (+7) at Cleveland: Brandon Weeden at qb?  PICK: Jacksonville  (NO DOUBTER)

Tampa Bay (+8) at Carolina: Carolina has been winning, but the games have been close.  Tampa is also on the upswing.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Chicago (+1) at Minnesota: Minnesota refuses to acknowledge that giving Adrian Peterson the ball on every play would give them the best chance to win.  PICK: Chicago

Arizona (+3) at Philadelphia:  The Cardinals defense is LEGIT.  I know we are not in the desert (where crazy things happen as we know) but I think the Eagles get lambasted here.  PICK: Arizona

Miami (+2) at NYJ: The NYJ have been shit lately.  But I think they pick up a home win here.

Atlanta (+3) at Buffalo:  A shitty Falcons team heads up to Ralph Wilson Stadium where they are going to get destroyed.  PICK: Buffalo

St. Louis (+8.5) at San Francisco: The Rams pull off the upset here.  PICK: St. Louis

New England (-7.5) at Houston:  Huge win for the Pats last week.  BB and TB12 will be all business this week.  PICK: NEP

Cincinnati (+1) at San Diego: I like the Bungals after a bye week.  Hopefully Big Phil Rivers gets a few fantasy points though.  PICK: Cincy

NYG (-1) at Washington:  Hmm.  RG3-9.  PICK: NYG

New Orleans (+5) at Seattle: Seattle's defensive backs are all getting suspended.  No bueno.  PICK: New Orleans

OVERALL: 82-88-5

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