Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

 Get it?  Moose.  Pick.  My genius is unparalleled.  My football knowledge however is very ordinary after another down week at 6-9-1.  It seems after every good week, I have one just as shitty to follow.  I need a monster week.  Time is running out.

Houston (-3) at Jacksonville: Who's pumped up for Thursday Night Football?  Not Moose.  PICK: Jacksonville

Kansas City (-3) at Washington: Fat Andy had another tough loss to Denver last week.  He needs this one to stay alive in the AFC West picture.  PICK: Kansas City (NO DOUBTER)

Minnesota (+6.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore continues its postseason push at home.  PICK: Baltimore

Cleveland (+12) at NEP: No word on who the starting QB will be for Chudzinski and Co.  But I'll take Tocuhdown Tommy at home.  Side Note: Moose will be in attendance at this game.  I hope to catch a glimpse of the man, the myth, the legend: THE CHUD.  PICK: NEP

 Oakland (+3) at NYJ: These are the Jets that I thought we would see all season long.  PICK: Oakland

Indianapolis (+6) at Cincinnati: Tough call here.  I think Cincy's defense puts the clamps down on Luck at home though.  PICK: Cincy

Carolina (+3) at New Orleans: New Orleans is tough at home, but I think they are fading.  Carolina keeps winning games, despite having an offense more boring than Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.  PICK: Carolina
Detroit (+3) at Philadelphia: Talk about the game of the week!  Two 7-5 teams with their playoff hopes on the line.  I picked against the Iggs last week, and was pleasantly surprised.  We will see if they can slow down Megatron, but the real question is; can the Lions slow down Foles?  PICK: Philadelphia

Miami (+3) at Pittsburgh: Mike Wallace returns to Pittsburgh.  I know that is not a great teaser, but it's all I got.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Buffalo (+2.5) at Tampa Bay: Buffalo has been a bigger mystery this year than the spot which bears that name in Springfield.  No idea what to make of them on any given week.  PICK: Tampa Bay
Tennessee (+12) at Denver: Manning is out to set the record for most TD passes this week.  Not to mention clinch the AFC West and move closer to the #1 seed in the AFC.  PICK: Denver

St. Louis (+6.5) at Arizona: The Iggs dinged up Carson Palmer last week and provided a blueprint against a good defense.  For the first time seemingly all season, I will choose the away team knowing full well that crazy things happen in the desert.  PICK: St. Louis

NYG (+3) at San Diego: San Diego beat the Iggs and 'Boys, but lost to the 'Skins.  Big Phil Rivers needs a bounce back week.  PICK: San Diego

Seattle (+2.5) at San Francisco: Seattle is looking like a juggernaut.  I don't see San Francisco giving them much of a fight.  PICK: Seattle

Atlanta (pick em) at Green Bay: Rodgers might be back, and the game is at Lambeau.  PICK: Green Bay

Dallas (+1) at Chicago: Need a loss by Dallas here.  Hopefully Jeffery and Marshall can have huge games.  PICK: Chicago

OVERALL: 88-97-6

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