Thursday, December 12, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Big week last week.  10-6 and right back in the thick of things. If Moose has proven nothing else, it's that you can count on the No Doubter picks.  I probably just jinxed myself good.  One more good week can get me back to even in the overall category as well.  Moose will channel his inner Cramer this week. 

San Diego (+10.5) at Denver: Wow.  Tough one right out of the gate.  Big Phil Rivers has looked sharp as of late, but Peyton has got his eyes on bigger things.  I don't think he will be stopped in this game.  PICK: Denver

Washington (+6.5) at Atlanta: Shanahan has given up on this team.  Even Atlanta could beat them at this point.  Plus RG3-13 has a nice ring to it.  PICK: Atlanta

San Francisco (-5.5) at Tampa Bay: Schiano and the legbreakers have quietly won four out of five.  San Francisco is riding high after a big win against Seattle.  Trap game?  Nah.  PICK: San Francisco

Arizona (-2.5) at Tennessee: What was I thinking picking against the Cards in the desert last week?  Big time no-no.  I'll make up for it by believing in them on the road this week.  PICK: Arizona

New Orleans (-5.5) at St. Louis: I will admit, I was low on the Saints going into last week.  Crazy to pick against them at home though.  St. Louis is basically a home game for them as well.  PICK: New Orleans

Chicago (pick em) at Cleveland: From section 316 last week, Cleveland looked like Flanders house from the outside after it was rebuilt following the hurricane.  In the fourth quarter they crumbled faster than the wall after Rod took down the load bearing poster.  Chicago is in the thick of the playoff hunt, they would be wise to stick with McCown here.  If they do, they win.  PICK: Chicago

Houston (+5.5) at Indianapolis: Indy the first team to clinch their division despite a -3 points differential.  Kubiak axed down in Houston.  This game has the potential to be wacky.  PICK: Indy

Buffalo (-2) at Jacksonville: The Jaguars are getting more respectable by the week.  Meanwhile Buffalo continues to disappoint.  Jags owners Shahid Khan is no doubt hoping for a big win at home this week so he can unleash his trademark middle eastern ululations.  PICK: Jacksonville

NEP (-2.5) at Miami: Another Pyrrhic victory for the NEP last week.  Amazing comeback, but Gronk out for the season.  TB12 often has some shaky games in Miami, and his offense just got shaken up worse than a Duff beer can on April fools day.  That said, the NEP have been finding a way to win the close ones all year long.  The Pats clinch their 11th division in 14 years this week.  All hail BB.  PICK: NEP

Philadelphia (-4.5) at Minnesota: Trap game?  SI cover jinx? Neither of those are worse than good old-fashioned Philadelphia pessimism, and that has been waning every week.  This Eagles team is defying expectations, starting with the defense, and the fans are starting to believe.  No way they lose this week.  That's right, tack the TPLIYP curse right on there as well.  It doesn't matter.  PICK:  Philadelphia

NYJ (+11) at Carolina: I bet the Jets are the team I have picked most incorrectly all season long.  Fuck them.  They aren't worth Moose's time.  PICK: Carolina

Kansas City (-4.5) at Oakland: Kansas City loses two games to Denver and is all of a sudden dogshit in the spreads.  Smart money is here.  PICK: KC (No Doubter)

Green Bay (+7) at Dallas: Picked Chicago against Dallas with my heart last week and it paid off.  Is there any chance A-Rod comes back just to troll Dallas?  Hope so.  PICK: Green Bay

Cincinnati (-2.5) at Pittsburgh: This sounds like a game that would be painful to play in.  PICK: Cincy

Baltimore (+6) at Detroit: Flacco isn't ready to cede the division to the Red Rocket yet. Side note: I was a big Reggie Bush fan until last week when he pussied out of playing five minutes before the game.  You poisoned my team, son.  PICK: Baltimore

OVERALL: 98-103-6

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