Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rodger Dodger

Submitted for the approval of the TPLIYP readers, I would like to get the pulse of the nation (Northeast) on Aaron Rodgers.  What do we think of this guy?  He is a Super Bowl champion, former NFL MVP, and has had multiple Pro Bowl seasons.  He is also the star of State Farm's nation-wide ad campaign (although it could be argued that the fat guy is the real star) and inventor of the discount double check.  With all those accolades, I still can't help but think that Aaron Rodgers is a huge asshole.  His smugness and general lack of enthusiasm during his collarbone injury has only strengthened my opinion of this.

In his 15 years in Green Bay, Brett Favre came to be a symbol of the Packers and of Green Bay as a whole.  He espoused toughness, simplicity, heart and a competitive fire that was unmatched.  Say what you will about his propensity to huck the ball into triple coverage, but you couldn't fault Favre for his effort on the field.  He was, and continues to be, Green Bay's hero.  They even named a street after him by the stadium, and continue to flock to Brett Favre's Steakhouse in droves on game days.  No light praise in a town where some other guy named Lombardi also coached a football game or two.  Favre's exit however was made a little ugly due to the emergence of a plucky young qb named Aaron Rodgers.  A quarterback who doesn't seem to espouse any of the characteristics that Favre and Lombardi personified in Green Bay.

Having delivered a Super Bowl championship, I'm sure Rodgers is liked just fine in Green Bay.  However, I don't think he will ever be on a Favre level there; and from an outsiders perspective, he just seems like a cocky wimp.  I first started to think this about Rodgers a few years ago, when I found out that he is really sensitive about his height.  He gets offended when people say that he is not that tall.  He is 6'2".  Who would honestly care at 6'2"?  Maybe the rough and tough qb is more sensitive than we think.

My opinion of Rodgers has really been swayed the last few weeks by his continuing recovery from a broken collarbone.  He has always carried with himself a sort of air of cockiness when he answers media questions, but lately it has been insufferable.  Since his injury in week nine, we've been getting interviews like this one.  Totally wishy-washy.  Cracking a smile throughout the interview.  Sounding like he wants to get out there, but not really.  Just thinking that he is better than the media it seems to me.  Now, I know nothing about collarbone injuries but after seven weeks it would seem Rodgers would be dying to get back out there.  Do you think Favre would have let this injury sideline him for more than a week or two?  Especially with the Packers in the thick of the NFC North  playoff race.  I'm not saying that Favre was smart, but that is what Green Bay loved about him.  His toughness and determination.  It would seem that Rodgers doesn't have any of that.

Maybe I am totally wrong about this.  Maybe Rodgers is a nice guy and a die-hard competitor.  You certainly can't fault a guy for winning a Super Bowl and re-writing the NFL record books for passing.  Maybe the Packers are just playing it super cautious with him because he is their franchise player.  It seems to me though, that Rodgers is over all of this.  He's reached the top, and now he thinks he is better than everybody else.  He has no urgency and doesn't want to get back out there with his teammates.  He is just enjoying his life.  Nothing wrong with that.  It just doesn't seem to me like that is what the town of Green Bay stands for, and certainly comes off as disingenuous to the average NFL fan.  All I'm saying is, don't look for Aaron Rodgers way any time soon in Green Bay.

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