Sunday, December 28, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Rough week for Moose in the second to last week of the season.  I need to come up big in week 17 in order to get back to .500.  I think we have clearly learned through our three years of doing this, that the bookies in Vegas who set the spread know very well what they are doing.  All we can do is try our best going forward.

Detroit (+7.5) at Green Bay: Detroit has a stout defense, and maybe Green Bay has been figured out a little bit?  PICK: Detroit

Jacksonville (+7.5) at Houston:  Maybe Blake Bortles is starting to turn the corner a little bit?  PICK: Jacksonville

Cincinnati (+3.5) at Pittsburgh: This game is for the division, but Cincy is a little dinged up.  I guess I'll take Pittsburgh?  PICK: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis (-7.5) at Tennessee: The Colts have been exposed the last few weeks.  They have nothing to gain, so maybe they don't show up today?  PICK: Tennessee

Cleveland (+13.5) at Baltimore: Has Johnny Manziel destroyed the Browns mojo?  PICK: Baltimore

Buffalo (+6) at NEP: The NEP have already wrapped everything up, and the last thing they want is injuries to key players.  I'm assuming we will see a lot of Jimmy Garropolo today?  PICK: Buffalo

NYJ (+6.5) at Miami: I'm guessing Rex wins this one and spins it to make himself look like a martyr of some sort?  I can already see he jogging off the field with his arm raised in a symbolic gesture.  He is just a bad person.  PICK: NYJ

Carolina (+3) at Atlanta: Has there ever been such a meaningful bad football game?  PICK: Atlanta

Chicago (+7) at Minnesota: Is Jay Cutler auditioning for a new team this offseason?  Please don't be the Iggs!  PICK: Minnesota

San Diego (+2) at Kansas City: Watch out for the Chargers?  BOLT UP.  PICK: San Diego

Stinkin' Losers (+1) at NYG: What will the the stinking' losers do this offseason?  A lot of changes in store for two teams going in very different directions.  One thing is for sure, Mark Sanchez' career has about the same arc as the "I didn't do it" boy.  PICK: NYG (No Doubter)

Dallas (-5.5) at Washington:  I guess only stinkin' losers lose to Washington?  PICK: Dallas

New Orleans (-4.5) at Tampa Bay: How much does New Orleans miss Sproles and Malcolm Jenkins?  PICK: Tampa

St. Louis (+11.5) at Seattle: Does any team want to play Seattle right now?  I think the Rams will give them a run though.  PICK: St. Louis

Arizona (+6.5) at San Francisco: Can Ryan Lindley throw a touchdown?  Doubtful.  PICK: San Francisco

Oakland (+14) at Denver: Can Denver get healthy before the playoffs?  What's wrong with Peyton?  PICK: Oakland

OVERALL: 102-104-4

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another 8-7-1 week for Moose.  Hey, no complaints.  In the life of a get rich quick day trader, we would call the last two weeks "melting up."  I'm also particularly happy with my Andrew Luck Wang Computers photoshop from last week.  Although, I am unhappy that I switched my No Doubter from the Broncos to the Seahawks at the last minute.  Traded a win for a tie.  Foolish, Moose.  Foolish.  Let's get into week 16.

Tennessee (+3.5) at Jacksonville:  Wow.  Coming out of the gate with this one, huh?  Forget about all the lousy games they have had all season; this game being televised by itself with no other football games to switch to is why Thursday night football should be abolished.  PICK:  Tennessee

San Diego (+1) at San Francisco: Have we ever seen a regression as far and fast as Colin Kaepernick's?  The 9ers are proving my Super Bowl losing coach theory very well.  PICK: San Diego

Philadelphia (-8) at Washington: The Stinkin' Losers lost control of their playoff destiny last week with a particularly ugly loss to Dallas.  I think they bounce back this week, only because it is Washington.  They are dead in the water if they make the playoffs.  I need Foles back worse than Mr/. Burns needs his beloved teddy bear Bobo.  Or like Homer needs Sherriff Lobo.  PICK: Philadelphia

Minnesota (+6.5) at Miami: Minnesota's defense seems pretty stout.  I'll keep going to the well with them.  A discussion I had with my GroupMe group "Workaholics"; we need to see "30 for 30: Vikings Sex Boat Cruise."  PICK: Minnesota

Green Bay (-10.5) at Tampa Bay: Really proud of myself for picking that Bills/Packers upset last week.  Green Bay goes on the road again this week, but against a team with much less to play for.  PICK: Green Bay

Detroit (-9) at Chicago: The Iggs could use Chicago's help to get into the playoffs.  That went out the window with the announcement that Jimmy Clausen is starting.  I don't disrespect the move though.  The Bears are just one year late on realizing how big of a bum Cutler is.  PICK: Detroit

Atlanta (+6) at New Orleans: Somebody please make this division seem respectable.  PICK: New Orleans

NEP (-10) at NYJ: Not as easy of a game as it appears.  The NYJ always give the NEP a tough game even when they suck.  I would love to see BB put Rex out of his misery this game.  PICK: NEP

Kansas City (+3) at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is rising with Le'veon Bell.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Cleveland (+3.5) at Carolina: Inauspicious first start for Johnny Football.  I don't see him doing much better this week.  PICK: Carolina

Baltimore (-5) at Houston: I believe it is either Case Keenum of Thad Lewis starting this week for Houston.  I believe I have a No Doubter of the week.  PICK: Baltimore

NYG (+5.5) at St. Louis: The Shaun Hill gang is ousted from the playoffs, but Jeff Fisher will keep them improving with a W this week.  PICK: St. Louis

Buffalo (-6) at Oakland: Huge win for Buffalo last week. Do they keep it up, or do they do what Buffalo does?  PICK: Buffalo

Indianapolis (+3) at Dallas: Dallas is undefeated on the road, and 3-4 at home.  I'll take Andy Luck and the Colts to steamroll them, setting up the Stinkin' Losers to get demolished at home in the playoffs.  PICK: Indy

Seattle (-8) at Arizona: It is going to take all the magic in the desert for the Cardinals to come away with this one.  Ryan Lindley starting against the hottest team in the league.  Even I can't pick the Cardinals here, and I hate myself everyday because of it.  PICK: Seattle

Denver (-3) at Cincinnati: Cincy looked good last week.  Logic says they will look bad this week.  PICK: Denver

LAST WEEK: 8-7-1
OVERALL: 96-94-4

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another week in the black last week.  I'll take it.  If we could put those together every week, we'd all be giving advice in Vegas now.  Not to mention, another No Doubter in the books for all you big money gamblers.  I expect my holiday gifts from all of you any day now.  Let's get into this week with some crucial games on the slate.

Arizona (+4.5) at St. Louis: St. Louis is making some late season noise.  I know we are not in the desert, but I can't turn down the Cardinals and points.  PICK: Arizona

Oakland (+10) at Kansas City: Fat Andy is not gonna get embarrassed at home by the Raiders.  But can the Raiders keep it within ten?  Sure.  PICK: Oakland

Jacksonville (+13.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore looks like they are making a playoff push.  Wouldn't want to face them in a first round game.  PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Atlanta: The Steelers have been extremely inconsistent this year.  Some big wins followed by inexplicable losses.  Atlanta looks like they might want to take the NFC South by something more than default.  PICK: Atlanta

Houston (+6.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck is getting beaten up worse than Martin Prince did when he wore his Wang Computers shirt on the bus.  You can bet JJ Watt will be all over him on Sunday.  PICK: Houston

Cincinnati (+1) at Cleveland: Johnny Football making his debut in the Dawg Pound.  Any other time, I would vomit at the thought of this game, but this is must see TV.  This could also be the high-water mark of the Browns franchise.  In typical Cleveland fashion, I like them to get stomped.  PICK: Cincy

Miami (+7.5) at NEP: I think BB and the NEP can smell the finish line. If they can win this game it is pretty much all over.  7.5 is a lot to give though.  I expect a big game from Gronk.  PICK: NEP

Tampa Bay (+3) at Carolina: I don't think Cam is playing.  Does that help or hurt Carolina?  PICK: Carolina

Washington (+6.5) at NYG: Washington on pace for another RG3-13 season.  PICK: NYG

Green Bay (-5) at Buffalo: It is unbelievable that Green Bay is only favored by five here, but they are a different team on the road.  All three of their losses have come on the road, and a few narrow wins against the likes of the Dolphins and Vikings.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll take Buffalo.  Probably wishful thinking more than anything.  PICK: Buffalo

Minnesota (+8) at Detroit: The Vikings are improving, but I think Detroit can take them at home.  PICK: Detroit

NYJ (-2) at Tennessee: Imagine having to watch this game.  PICK: NYJ

Denver (-4) at San Diego: Denver's offense is finally healthy again.  The loss of pussy punter Mike Scifres will hurt the Chargers more than they think.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (+10) at Seattle: I thought San Francisco would bounce back and crush the Raiders after that loss to Seattle two weeks ago.  Now they lose again and the season is pretty much over. I have a feeling Seattle puts them out of their misery and demolishes them.  Make it my No Doubter. PICK: Seattle

Dallas (+3.5) at Philadelphia: Dez Bryant did not show up on Thanksgiving.  Even if he does on Sunday, I don't think it matters.  The Iggs can't beat the tough teams, but will handle Dallas.  Fletcher Cox is going to engulf Romo.  PICK: Philadelphia

New Orleans (-3) at Chicago: Who wants the NFC South?  I have no clue.  I think Brees can pick apart the Bears brutal secondary though.  PICK: New Orleans

LAST WEEK: 8-7-1
OVERALL: 88-87-3

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Road weary and clearly affected by opposing fans, Moose finally returns home for a full week of MWP.  A terrible week followed by a .500 week keeps Moose exactly at .500 for the year.  Now lets feed off the home crowd and pull off a big week.  I will also make up for all the Simpsons references over the past two weeks.  Here we go!

Dallas (-3.5) at Chicago: Wow, a tough one right off the bat.  Both of these teams are legendarily bad down the stretch, and both teams looked lifeless on Thanksgiving.  The Bears secondary is absolute garbage though.  PICK: Dallas

Baltimore (+3) at Miami: The Phins are playing pretty well at home lately.  PICK: Miami

Pittsburgh (+3) at Cincinnati: Don't know what to make of either of these teams.  They seem kinda righteous, but then I see them fraternizing with lameoids.  That makes them lameWADS!  Maybe Cincinnati has the police master key to the playoffs though.  PICK: Cincy

Indianapolis (-4) at Cleveland: Cleveland is desperately hanging on to their playoff hopes.  I think Indy snuffs them out this week and the Johnny Football dynasty starts next week.  Then the Cleveland Triumvirate will be complete: Lebron, Manziel, Mateo.  PICK: Indy

Houston (-5) at Jacksonville: JJ Watt has been a man possessed the last few weeks.  If I had to start a franchise today, I would probably take him first.  Also, Fitzy throwing six touchdowns last week was more unlikely than Homie the Clown completely the loop-de-loop on the mini bicycle. PICK: Houston

NYG (pick em) at Tennessee:  I'll follow up that reference with one from the same episode; I'm seeing double!  Four terrible teams!  PICK: NYG

Carolina (+9.5) at New Orleans: New Orleans might have turned a corner last week.  Riverboat Ron meanwhile has hit a cold streak.  PICK: New Orleans

Tampa Bay (+9.5) at Detroit: I don't think Detroit is that good, but I think they can beat Tampa by 10.  PICK: Detroit

St. Louis (-2.5) at Washington: The Rams are playing with the tenacity of a Ferguson looter.  They crushed the Raiders by 52 last week, and the Raiders are better than the Skins.  All hail the Shaun Hill Gang as this week's NO DOUBTER.  PICK: St. Louis

NYJ (+6) at Minnesota: Whenever I am completely down on the NYJ they do a 180 and surprise me.  I am not completely down on them.  PICK: Minnesota

Buffalo (+10) at Denver: I am completely down on Buffalo.  I'm not sure what a team expects with Kyle Orton as quarterback.  PICK: Denver

Kansas City (+1) at Arizona: I am also losing faith in Arizona.  I would pick KC this week, but we are in the desert.  PICK: Arizona

San Francisco (-8) at Oakland: The 9ers offense has gone dormant, but the Raiders got blanked last week.  I'll take Harbaugh to bounce back this week.  PICK: San Francisco

Seattle (+1.5) at Philadelphia: The Iggs are having red area troubles, but managed to surpass my expectations the past two weeks.  This week I think they fail the test against the defending champs.  PICK: Seattle

NEP (-3.5) at San Diego: I'll take the NEP anywhere except Green Bay.  PICK: NEP

Atlanta (+12) at Green Bay: I'm hoping somebody can knock off the Pack before the playoffs.  If they get the #1 seed, I think only Seattle could beat them before the Super Bowl.  PICK: Green Bay


OVERALL: 80-80-2


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks - Thanksgiving Edition

ROUGH week last week puts me back at .500 for the year.  Another road blog from South Bend, Indiana so I will have to keep it short and sweet once again.  All records will be updated next week.  Gotta go, someone needs this computer for a pie recipe!

Chicago (+7) over Detroit

Dallas (-3) over Philadelphia

Seattle (+1.5) over San Francisco

Indianapolis (-9.5) over Washington (NO DOUBTER)

Houston (-7) over Tennessee

Cleveland (+3) over Buffalo

San Diego (+6) at Baltimore

NYG (-2.5) over Jacksonville

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Tampa Bay

St. Louis (-7) over Oakland

Pittsburgh (-4) over New Orleans

Minnesota (-3) over Carolina

Arizona (-2.5) over Atlanta

Green Bay (-3) over New England

Denver (-2) at Kansas City

Miami (-6.5) at NYJ

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Moose coming at you live from my phone just under the wire so I will keep it short and sweet.
KC (-7.5) over Oakland

Cleveland (+3) over Atlanta

Tennessee (+11) over Philadelphia (NO DOUBTER)

NEP (-7) over Detroit

Green Bay (-9.5) over Minnesota

Jacksonville (+14) over Indy

Cincy (+1.5) over Houston

NYJ (+4) over Buffalo

Tampa (+6) over Chicago

Arizona (+6.5) over Seattle

St. Louis (+4.5) over San Diego

Denver (-7) over Miami

San Francisco (-9) over Washington

Dallas (-3.5) over NYG

Baltimore (+3.5) over New Orleans

Tally updated next week.  BEAT LAFAYETTE

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Nothing special from Moose last week at 7-6, but you can't go broke making a profit.  I'll take anything above .500 after a big week the previous week.  Let's try and sustain the momentum for a third straight week.

Buffalo (+4.5) at Miami: Methinks the magic man Kyle Orton is beginning to show his ugly face again.  PICK: Miami

Houston (+3) at Cleveland: Break up the Brownies.  I'm really sad for the Chud right now.  This match has been dubbed "Brady Backup Bowl" but I think Mallett has a two cent head to back up that million dollar arm.  PICK: Cleveland

Minnesota (+3) at Chicago: God I love how right I am about Chicago.  Moose had them penciled in to get smacked last week, and sure enough Cutler and Co. surpassed my wildest expectations.  They are at home this week, but I still think they struggle against the Vikes.  PICK: Minnesota

Philadelphia (+6) at Green Bay: Both teams absolutely annihilated very bad teams last week.  Neither is that good, but this will be a good litmus test for each team.  I will take the Packers since they are at home.  PICK: Green Bay

Seattle (+1.5) at Kansas City:  Not an easy No Doubter in the lot, but I like my chances with this one.  The defending champs haven't looked great this year, but are still 6-3.  There is also blood in the water in the NFC West since Carson Palmer went down.  I'll take them with points on the road against the Chiefs, who are riding a less than impressive four game win streak.  NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Seattle

Atlanta (+1.5) at Carolina: Killa Cam looked terrible on Monday night and is clearly not healthy.  This is a battle between two coaches who will not be coaching next season.  PICK: Atlanta

Cincinnati (+7) at New Orleans: I don't think I've seen a quarterback play worse than Andy Dalton did last week.  Look for Breesy and the boys to run over the Bengals this week and stay atop the measly NFC South.  PICK: New Orleans

Tampa Bay (+7) at Washington: And we thought Tampa Bay versus Atlanta was bad last week.  This game is going to be the equivalent of watching Selma and Hans Moleman's kids running around on a football field.  PICK: Washington

Denver (-9.5) at St. Louis: The Rams going back to the Shaun Hill Gang (RIP Big Bank Hank) means that Denver should win pretty convincingly.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (-4) at NYG: Big win by the Niners last week called by Moose.  They should roll the G-Men this week.  PICK: San Francisco (h/t Dump for the catch)

Oakland (+10) at San Diego: San Diego was the darling of the league only a few weeks ago.  Sparano buries the ball and the Raiders get their first win this week.  PICK: Oakland

Detroit (+2) at Arizona: No Carson for Arizona.  This week we see the true power that lies in the desert.  PICK: Arizona

NEP (+3) at Indianapolis: Indianapolis has looked good since their 0-2 start.  But got exposed by Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.  I think Touchdown Tommy is playing chess, while Luck is still playing checkers.  PICK: NEP

Pittsburgh (-6) at Tennessee: The Steelers have gotta be pissed at losing to the Jets last week.  The poor Titans can't catch a break.  PICK: BLITZburgh


OVERALL: 67-62-2


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Bookies are on the run after Moose blew them away with his picks last week.  A 9-4 week puts us squarely in the black on the season.  Let's keep a good thing going this week!

Cleveland (+6.5) at Cincinnati: Two easy home games in a row for the Brownies.  I think they get pasted by the Bengals in Cincy tonight.  PICK: Cincy

Dallas (-6.5) at London Jaguars: No Romo presumably for Dallas.  They should still have enough to beat evil billionaire Shahid Khan and his London Jaguars.  By the way, the Jaguars would be the perfect team to send to London.  They wouldn't even have to change their name.  PICK: Dallas

Miami (+2.5) at Detroit: Where did Miami come from?  A strong defense has keyed a 5-3 start for them.  Where did Detroit come from?  I take great pride in knowing that Jim Schwartz was the reason that they stunk so much.  I suppose I will take Miami here.  PICK: Miami

Kansas City (-2) at Buffalo: Barf.  PICK: Buffalo

San Francisco (+5) at New Orleans: A very important game for these two teams.  San Francisco has had a few of them so far and has responded.  Maybe Harbaugh has become too much for them though.  PICK: San Francisco

Tennessee (+9.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore got waxed by the red hot Stillers last week, but they play well in the trust tree; that is to say, the nest.  I like them to beat up the lowly Titans.  PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh (-5) at NYJ: Should be a nice atmosphere in East Rutherford weekend.  It will be the height of boo bird season as Rex gets stomped again.  Especially tough for Jets fans will be seeing the Sanchize lead the Eagles on to victory.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Atlanta (-2.5) at Tampa Bay: Two garbage teams.  Watching this game would be more brutal than when Santa's Little Helper was forced to watch videos of dogs being beaten with newspapers.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Denver (-11.5) at Oakland:  Oaktown hung tough against the Seahawks last week, putting another No Doubter in the win column for Moose.  They will not be able to stop, or stay with Denver's offense though.  PICK: Denver

St. Louis (+7) at Arizona: The Rams pass rush broke out last week.  This week they are in the desert though.  The desert is as tough as any place to play, as we know.  Robert Quinn will be tripping on peyote by halftime.  PICK: Arizona

NYG (+9) at Seattle: The Giants aren't looking too good, and now their receivers have the dropsies.  The only cure is to go back to the "GIANTS" helmet and the white pants permanently.  PICK: Seattle

Chicago (+7.5) at Green Bay: Chicago really f'd themselves over banking on the combination of Trestman and Cutler.  Green Bay is going to squash them like a bug.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  When Moose talks, people listen.  PICK: Green Bay

Carolina (+6.5) at Philadelphia: Carolina has been crummy this year.  However, we are talking about the Sanchize here.  Moreover, defensive captain Demeco Ryans was lost for the season last week.  I still like the Iggs, but in a close one.  PICK: Carolina

OVERALL: 60-56-2

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a week long vacation Moose is rested, refreshed and ready to get a jump on the rest of the season.  During my break, we saw a week of what would have been very tough picks.  I'm glad I chose not to/forgot to pick during my vacation.  We still need to rebound off of a 7-8 week two weeks ago though.  Let's get into it.

New Orleans (-3) at Carolina:  The Saints throttled Green Bay last week in a shocker.  They go on the road and give up points this week in a battle for the putrid NFC South.  PICK: Carolina

San Diego (+2.5) at Miami: San Diego has had 10 days to rest after losing a tough one to the Broncos.  Big Phil Rivers never gave up despite being down big early.  PICK: San Diego

Jacksonville (+11) at Cincinnati: The Bengals get AJ Green back this week just in time to make a second half run.  Unfortunately, AJ is a few weeks too late for my fantasy team.  PICK: Cincy

Tampa Bay (+6.5) at Cleveland: This is a game the Brownies should win.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Washington (+1) at Minnesota: Robert Griffin III returns for the Skins.  Over/under 1.5 quarters before he is injured again.  PICK: Minnesota

Philadelphia (-2) at Houston: Sloppy loss to the Cardinals last week.  Chip will look to right the ship this week and stay atop the NFC East.  PICK: Philadelphia

NYJ (+9.5) at Kansas City:  The Chiefs are starting to roll again after whooping up on the Rams last week.  Rex has gotta be on his last legs in NY.  PICK: Kansas City

Arizona (+3.5) at Dallas: The season is halfway over in Big D.  You know what that means.  PICK: Arizona

St. Louis (+10) at San Francisco: The Niners are coming off of a bye and are at home.  They should handle the Rams again.  PICK: San Francisco

Denver (-3) at NEP: Manning has nightmares coming into Gillette Stadium.  Can the Pats get pressure on Manning without Chandler Jones?  Can Denver continue to be an offensive juggernaut?  This is going to be the game of the week.  I'm taking the points at home.  PICK: NEP

Oakland (+15) at Seattle:  Something is rotten in Seattle right now.  The offense is non-existent.  I will take the Raiders and the points and make them my NO DOUBTER this week.  Faith, Hope, Sparano.  PICK: Oakland

Baltimore (-1.5) at Pittsburgh: The Steelers are a enigma, wrapped in an riddle, wrapped in a vest.  They look amazing some weeks and terrible others.  I would say they have figured it out though.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis (-3) at NYG: Indy let the Steelers drop 51 on them last week.  Embarrassing.  The NYG are coming off of back to back NFC East losses followed by a bye week.  Both teams aren't happy.  PICK: Indy

OVERALL: 51-52-2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a mediocre week last week we are at .500 on the nose going into week seven.  It could be better, but it could be worse.  A few teams have burned me after I showed faith in them.  They will be mocked and ridiculed this week.  To the games!

NYJ (+9.5) at NEP: The NEP put a beat down on the Bills last week, and the NYJ got smacked by Denver.  Moose was in attendance for the last Thursday night game in New England between the Pats and the Jets, and went home rain soaked and disappointed by a gunslinging NYJ offense in overtime.  I think the NEP win, but 9.5 is too rich for my blood.  PICK: NYJ

Cincinnati (+3) at Indianapolis: Indy is firing on all cylinders, and Cincy just tied the Panthers.  It seems like the Bengals are involved in every tie there is.  PICK: Indy

Tennessee (+5.5) at Washington: I think I am done picking the Titans.  They are just not any good.  Neither are the Skins, though.  PICK: Washington

Miami (+3) at Chicago: Ugh I hate picking both of these teams.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (-5.5) at Jacksonville:  I can't believe the Brownies are performing so well without the Chud.  The team will eventually realize they should be with him and not their new coach.  Right now Chud probably feels a lot like Santa's Little Helper after Bart let him live with the blind guy and kept Laddie instead.  PICK: Cleveland

Seattle (-7) at St. Louis: Jared Cook's garbage time 10 yard catch defeated my fantasy time by one point last week.  Seattle, please steamroll the Rams.  PICK: Seattle

Carolina (+7) at Green Bay: Green Bay either steamrolls or disappoints.  They cost me a No Doubter last week.  PICK: Carolina

Atlanta (+7) at Baltimore:  Atlanta can go suck a railroad spike.  They are the biggest garbage team ever assembled.  No defense, and an offense full of divas.  Baltimore is gonna smack em around in the Charm City this weekend.  Fire that stupid white-haired/black-eyebrowed coach of yours too.  PICK: Baltimore

Minnesota (+5.5) at Buffalo: Minnesota, I'm done with you as well.  Gimme Kyle Orton and that big beautiful face of his!  PICK: Buffalo

New Orleans (+3) at Detroit: My grandfather once told me, "If you ever get New Orleans and points, take it."  My grandfather also once told me, "Zolak will be the starter for the Patriots by the end of the season.  Remember I said that."  I did.  PICK: New Orleans

Kansas City (+4) at San Diego: Kansas City is too caught up in Royals fever to care about this game.  San Diego will take it.  PICK: San Diego

NYG (+6.5) at Dallas: Are the Giants that bad?  Is Dallas that good?  I'm starting to worry.  PICK: Dallas

Arizona (-3.5) at Oakland:  Another win in the desert for the Cardinals last week.  Meanwhile Tony Sparano employed the old buried football to get the Raiders to play an inspired game against San Diego.  The Cardinals defense will not let Derek Carr throw four touchdowns, to be sure.  NO DOUBTER city right here.  PICK: Cardinals

San Francisco (+6.5) at Denver: Tough matchup here.  I don't think SF has enough firepower though.  PICK: Denver

Houston (+3.5) at Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh doth protest too much.  PICK: Houston

OVERALL: 44-44-2

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

A solid week last week after a rough start on Thursday night.  Moose is back over .500 and living the high life.  Let's keep Mr. Mo Mentum at his current address and put together another strong week of picks in week six.

Indianapolis (-3) at Houston: Still no Jadeveon Clowney for the Texans, and Indy is coming on strong.  PICK: Indy

Denver (-8.5) at NYJ: Is this one of those games where Rex surprises all the haters and puts together a miraculous win?  I don't think so.  PICK: Denver

Pittsburgh (+2) at Cleveland: The Brownies are playing some decent football right now.  If they still had the Chud as their coach they'd be undefeated.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Tennessee: Jacksonville only lost by eight last week.  That might be the best they can do.  PICK: Tennessee

Chicago (+3) at Atlanta: Both of these teams are underwhelming.  PICK: Atlanta

Green Bay (-3.5) at Miami: Miami is coming off of a bye after beating the hapless Raiders in London.  I think they still get steamrolled by Green Bay this week.  Miami playing Green Bay after playing Oakland is kind of like the Shelbyville bully picking on Martin and then having to fight Nelson, if you catch my drift.  I will make Green Bay my NO DOUBTER this week. PICK: Green Bay

Detroit (-1.5) at Minnesota: I thought Teddy Bridgewater was playing last week when I picked Minnesota to cover the spread.  I have to do a better job of putting this blog in a position to win.  He is starting this week.  I will roll the dice again.  PICK: Minnesota

Carolina (+7) at Cincinnati: Of course I pick the Pats to lose last week and they steamroll the Bengals.  Cincy is back in the jungle against an up and down Panthers team.  PICK: Carolina

NEP (-3) at Buffalo: The Pats just demolished Cincy and it was business as usual; the Bills just carried their coach off the field after beating the Lions.  PICK: NEP

Baltimore (-3) at Tampa Bay: The Bucs showed signs of life against New Orleans last week, but will probably get steamrolled again this week. PICK: Baltimore

San Diego (-7) at Oakland: I'm a big Tony Sparano guy, but changing the coach isn't going to make the players any better.  Beatdown right here.  PICK: San Diego

Dallas (+8) at Seattle: People are high on Big D after their 4-1 start, and the 'boys are becoming a trendy upset pick this week.  Tell me, who have they beaten (especially on the road) that is any good?  PICK: Seattle

Washington (+3.5) at Arizona:  We all know what happens in the desert.  Kirk Cousins will not survive the desert.  I've seen grown men go into the desert and lose their minds.  Very similar to the Devil's Backbone in that regard. PICK: Arizona

NYG (+2.5) at Philadelphia: Throw out the record books when the Iggs play the Giants.  This game will be a battle.  I honestly am just gonna flip a coin.  Heads: the Iggs.  Tails: the NYG.  PICK: NYG

San Francisco (-3.5) at St. Louis: The Niners will smack St. Louis because they have a reliable running game.  PICK: San Francisco

OVERALL: 37-36-2

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

What goes up must come down.  Whenever I come close to getting over .500, I am beset by a tough week.  This one wasn't too bad, though I did miss my first No Doubter.  We can rebound.  Let's get over the hump!

Minnesota (+8.5) at Green Bay: Teddy Bridgewater is looking pretty good.  The Pack trounced the Bears last week though.  I'm thinking the Vikings run game can keep this one within eight points.  PICK: Minnesota

Chicago (+2.5) at Carolina: Two unpredictable teams.  The Panthers backfield is a mess.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (+2) at Tennessee: Koey's favorite team steamrolled the Chiefs in week one, and have been getting steamrolled ever since.  PICK: Browns

St. Louis (+7) at Philadelphia:  I am worried about this game.  I played a little left guard in my high school days; the Iggs could probably use me.  PICK: St. Louis

Atlanta (+4) at NYG: The Falcons fell flat last week against the Vikings after dismantling the Bucs.  The NYG beat up on the hapless Skins.  Both teams play towards the mean this week.  PICK: Atlanta

Tampa Bay (+10.5) at New Orleans: The Saints haven't played this badly since they infamously cornered the Billy Joe market with QBs Billy Joe Hobert and Billy Joe Tolliver.  A genius strategy that never really panned out.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Houston (+6) at Dallas: Dallas is surprising everybody right now.  We will see if they can keep it up in the second half of the season.  PICK: Houston

Buffalo (+7) at Detroit: Buffalo is in full swan song mode now.  They have sacrificed their franchise image by starting Kyle Orton's face at QB.  PICK: Detroit

Baltimore (+3.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck has put two incredible games together.  Now he will play against a decent defense.  PICK: Indianapolis

Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Jacksonville: Jacksonville is inept.  However, Jacksonville can rejoice in the new ruling that NFL games that are not sold out cannot be blacked out on TV anymore.  Or maybe they didn't want to be subject to Jags games.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Arizona (+7) at Denver: The Phoenix Cardinals are a mighty 3-0.  They are away from the desert this week though.  Can Drew Stanton keep up with Peyton Manning? PICK: Denver

Kansas City (+6) at San Francisco: Big win for Fat Andy on Monday night.  San Francisco is on the upswing after a comeback win against the Iggs though.  PICK: San Francisco

NYJ (+6.5) at San Diego: Gotta like the Chahguhs in this one.  The Jets wavering between Geno and Michael Vick makes me happier than anyone will ever know.  PICK: San Diego

Cincinnati (-1) at New England: Tom Brady is getting beaten up in the pocket worse than Bart when he had to wear corrective shoes, rub a medicated salve into his scalp, and spray his throat for two weeks straight.  I'd like to think they shock the world this week, but I don't see it happening.  PICK: Cincy

Seattle (-7) at Washington: Seattle coming off a bye week, with the Skins having gotten steamrolled by the Giants.  This has all the making of a disaster.  Make this my NO DOUBTER, and I furthermore guarantee Desean Jackson does not show up in this game.  PICK: Seattle

LAST WEEK: 5-6-1 (forgot the GB-CHI game. Sue me)
OVERALL: 28-30-2

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ryder Cup 2014: Payback Time

A few months ago, I was extremely down in this US Ryder Cup squad in 2014.  I gave them no chance to beat what is probably the best European team ever assembled, and I thought it was going to be a laugher.  Well there is no time for that now.  The teams are set, and the first match is only hours away.  The US is certainly an underdog, but I think they are going to give Europe all that they can handle at Gleneagles.  Here I will give you a rundown on why I think the US can win, as well as a breakdown of the Ryder Cup golfers on each squad.

1.  Home sweet home?  Right off the bat, you would think that Europe has the advantage with the tournament being on their home soil.  In terms of fans, you are right; but the course itself was actually designed by Jack Nicklaus.  It is much less a European style course than some of the others, and the bombers on the American team can thrive here.

2.  No Tiger = no Ryder Cup, right?  Wrong.  The last time Tiger Woods didn't play in a Ryder Cup was 2008, and the United States was able to knock off Europe at Valhalla.  Some people think, and I'm not going to argue either way, that Tiger can be detrimental to a Ryder Cup team because he is too intimidating to his own teammates.  He can also detract from the team because he is too popular and can't gel with everybody else.  So maybe no Tiger will lead to more team unity.

3.  Familiar pairings.  Throughout this miserable US Ryder Cup spell, the team has lacked any consistent teammates other than Tiger and Steve Stricker.  We seem to be on something now with Phil/Keegan and Webb/Bubba.  These guys trust each other and know what to expect.

4.  Captains.  Tom Watson is the guy for the job.  He has captained a Ryder Cup team to a win on European soil before, and simply does NOT like to lose.  This would mean as much to him as anything else in his career.  Paul McGinley has never won a PGA Tour event, and I think is unaware and unequipped for the pressure cooker situation he is about to be thrown into.

5.  Sick and tired.  A lot of these United States guys have to be absolutely sick of hearing about their recent defeats in the Ryder Cup.  Nine out of the 12 Americans have been a part of the last two bitter defeats at the hands of Europe.  They are not complacent, they want to get the monkey off their back. Simply put, THIS HAS TO STOP.

Rory McIlroy- Rory looked absolutely unbeatable down the stretch this season, and is easily the best golfer in the world right now.  He and Graeme McDowell usually make for a guaranteed pairs point, but they are feuding this year due to Rory's lawsuit against his former management company. Couple that with the fact that Rory is testing a new driver this week?  It's probably nothing, but it seems like something.  Win or lose, the guy is an absolute mouth-breather.

Graeme McDowell- Absolutely ruthless match player with a knack for making the biggest putts at crucial times.  He's had a down year this year, but he still scares the crap out of me.

Sergio Garcia- Sergio has 18 points in the Ryder Cup; one of the highest totals of all time.  However, 16 of those 18 have come in group play.  In true Sergio fashion, he consistently gets blown out in singles play.

Ian Poulter- I fundamentally don't understand Ian Poulter.  A slightly above average golfer for 23 months out of 24, then becomes an absolute monster every Ryder Cup.  He will pace the European side.  He is an animal.

Henrik Stenson- Henrik would have been unbeatable last year.  He was still solid this season, but nowhere near as dominant as in 2013.  Very sound in all aspects of the game, but he is beatable.

Martin Kaymer- The Machine was shaky at the 2012 Ryder Cup, but still made the clinching putt on Sunday.  This year, he is back to his old form.  Very worried about him.

Justin Rose- Rosey was very strong in 2012, burying putts in Phil's face all day Sunday.  Believe it or not, that is his only Ryder Cup experience.  He will be solid this weekend.

Lee Westwood- This pick was a long shot for Paul McGinley.  He is hoping Lee can catch Ryder Cup lightning in a bottle.  He has fallen way off from his top form.  He is also fat again.

Victor Dubuisson- This stinky Frenchman has no Ryder Cup experience, but he has every shot in the bag.  I am worried about him based on his play in the Accenture Match Play championship back in the spring.  How in the world is he only 24?

Thomas Bjorn- Dude is old as fuck.  He is a decent match player though.

Stephen Gallacher- Ryder Cup rookie from Scotland.  He will have all the support of the crowd.  he also plays very well at Gleneagles.  Might be too much pressure for him though.  If golf doesn't work out, he could play in the next Revenge of the Nerds movie.

Jamie Donaldson- A Welshman.  Possible turtle-dick.

Rickie Fowler- Fowler is only 25, but he will be our best player this year.  I'll never forget him steamrolling one of the flying Molinaris on the back nine at Celtic Manor in 2010 to earn a crucial half-point.  He made every single putt.  Rickie is an amazing match player, and he could be the savior for Team USA.

Phil Mickelson- Everybody knows my feelings on Phil, but if he can get serious he can be an asset.  He is a great teammate with Keegan Bradley, and is a competitor.  No smiling and clapping while Justin Rose rips your heart out, Phil.  Great potshot on McDowell and McIlroy though.

Keegan Bradley- The most intense competitor on this team.  Wouldn't be surprised if a fistfight broke out between him and Poulter in the final match tomorrow morning.  Keegan will be the American barometer, as well as keep Phil focused.

Jim Furyk- I will go on record as having no faith in Furyk.  Guy can't putt to save his life.  However, he has gotta be as fed up with his recent failures (2012 US Open, 2012 Bridgestone, etc.) as we are of talking about them.  Maybe he snaps this year.

Bubba Watson- It really angers me how Bubba throws a mini-tantrum and goes into a shell if he doesn't like a course.  He just takes himself right out of a tournament.  Hopefully he will like Gleneagles.  He should be able to get creative with it.

Patrick Reed- I hate this fat shit.  I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even win a half-point.  Cool necklace, bro.

Jimmy Walker- Walker is a Ryder Cup rookie, but he is a great putter.  He will help based on this one fact alone.  Also, does Dustin Johnson's self-imposed sabbatical have anything to do with the fact that he banged Walker's wife, and would have been teammates with him at the Ryder Cup?  I'll let you decide.

Jordan Spieth- Spieth is another guy who has all the makings of being a Ryder Cup stalwart for years.    We absolutely need to see a pairing of him and Rickie Fowler.

Hunter Mahan- Hunter Mahan is dying to make up for the chip heard round the world in 2010.  He is generally a good match player, and a solid putter.  I think he will bounce back this time around.

Webb Simpson- Webb had a down year by his terms, but I think he is gonna be a star at the Ryder Cup.  He and Bubba are a great pairing, and he very badly wanted to be on this team.  I'm calling for a great performance this weekend.

Matt Kuchar- Kuchar should be a great match player, but has an average record overall.  He is undefeated in fourball, and is probably an awesome teammate.  I would love to get destroyed in ping pong by Matt Kuchar.

Zach Johnson- Great iron player, great putter.  Love Zach.

The Ryder Cup is honestly my favorite sporting event of anything out there.  If I'm predicting with my head, I think the Europeans win 17-11.  If I am going with my heart, the US wins 14.5 to 13.5 and the Euros choke it away at the end.  Enjoy the matches, and be sure to act like a real jerk to any European you see.  GO USA!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

A dynamite week last week (10-6) brings us almost back to .500 on the season.  Not to mention the No Doubter stands at a perfect 3-0.  Let's break on through to the other side in week four!

NYG (+4) at Washington: The Redskins played well last week, but are a pretty undisciplined team.  They also lost a few key players to injury.  I think the Giants take advantage this week.  PICK: NYG

Miami (-4) at Oakland: Miami wowed us in week one and has been laying eggs since.  Still, Oakland's offense is inept, and the Black Hole does not have a strong London chapter.  PICK: Miami

Buffalo (+3) at Houston: Buffalo is another team that is hard to read.  Houston's defense is looking stagnant though, much to the chagrin of my fantasy team.  PICK: Buffalo

Tennessee (+7.5) at Indianapolis: The Colts came out strong last week and crushed Jacksonville after starting 0-2.  I like them this week in the dome.  PICK: Indy

Carolina (+3.5) at Baltimore: This game is gonna be dirty.  PICK: Baltimore

Detroit (-1.5) at NYJ: Another tough NFC North matchup for the NYJ.  They have struggled with good wide receivers so far.  PICK: Detroit

Tampa Bay (+8) at Pittsburgh: Lovie Smith has had extra time to prepare for this week, but it won't matter.  His offense and defense stink, and his qb is a bigger nerd than Lisa's friends Database & Ham.  PICK: BLITZburgh

Jacksonville (+13) at San Diego: Teams have been rolling the Jags all season long.  Maybe Blake Bortles can make a difference?  PICK: Jacksonville

Philadelphia (+5) at San Francisco: Something is broken for the 49ers this year, and I think it is their defense.  Meanwhile, Nick Foles has found a new weapon on offense in Jordan Matthews.  I will take the Birds to get to 4-0 for the first time in a while.  PICK: Philadelphia

Atlanta (-3) at Minnesota: Teddy Bridgewater starting at QB again, and Atlanta on extra rest.  Gimme Atlanta and make it my NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Atlanta

New Orleans (-3) at Dallas: New Orleans still isn't firing on all cylinders.  Can Dallas realize that if they run the ball they win?  Probably not.  PICK: New Orleans

New England (-3.5) at Kansas City: BB vs. Andy Reid.  I'll let you look up how well that has gone for Fat Andy.  PICK: New England

OVERALL: 23-24-1

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another lackluster week for Moose, going 6-10 in week 2 and officially being knocked out of the infamous Dorne family suicide pool; the most talked about Dorne family event since the great dustmite scare of 1991.  However, I hit on another No Doubter bringing me to 2-0 on the year.  Let's take a look at some week 3 matchups, but in a rather strange and serious way (if anybody can figure out that reference I'd be very impressed).

Tampa Bay (+6) at Atlanta: Both teams looked putrid last week, but the Bucs looked putrid against the Rams.  I like Atlanta to bounce back in the dome.  PICK: Atlanta

San Diego (+2.5) at Buffalo: Buffalo has trounced me so far in MWP this year.  You mess with the Moose you'll get the antlers young men.  PICK: San Diego

Dallas (-1) at St. Louis: Which Cowboys team will show up?  Who is the Rams quarterback?  What is a horseshoe?  Is there a horsesock?  PICK: Dallas

Washington (+6.5) at Philadelphia: The mighty Kurt Cousins looked pretty good last week against a lousy Jaguars team.  The Iggs shook the Colts by the skin of their teeth.  This should be a good matchup, especially with the added wrinkle of Desean Jackson returning to Philly.  I like the Iggs to break away in the second half again.  PICK: Philadelphia

Houston (-2) at NYG: Houston has a very opportunistic defense.  The Giants have Eli Manning.  PICK: Houston

Minnesota (+10) at New Orleans: The 0-2 Saints in their home opener versus the Matt Asiata led Vikings.  Seems like a no-brainer here, but 10 is a lot to give up for a team that hasn't played a complete 60 minute game yet.  PICK: New Orleans

Tennessee (+7) at Cincinnati: I will be the first to admit that I don't know anything about the Titans, except that Koey is now a fan of them.  I can't see them going into the jungle and doing anything against Cincy.  PICK: Cincinnati

Baltimore (-1.5) at Cleveland: I guess Baltimore doesn't need Ray Rice.  Unfortunately, my fantasy team DOES.  PICK: Baltimore

Green Bay (+2.5) at Detroit: I expect a high scoring affair here.  PICK: Green Bay

Indianapolis (-7) at Jacksonville:  Andrew Luck being 0-2 after having a game (albeit one play does not a game decide) taken away by the refs has gotta peeve him more than Homer breathing through his nose pissed off Flanders.  I doubt Andrew will swear like Flanders did when he takes it out on Jacksonville though.  He can't use bad words.  This is a NO DOUBTER. PICK: Colts

Oakland (+14) at New England: I'm not sure what to make of the Pats quite yet.  14 is a lot to give away, but I think the Pats defense is beginning to come together.  The offense still needs work though.  PICK: can I really pick the Raiders? Yuck.  Raiders

San Francisco (-3) at Arizona: Good game here.  As we know, crazy things happen in the desert.  But the Cardinals are still a little dinged up.  I don't think they can put up the points to hang with the 9ers.  PICK: San Francisco

Denver (+5) at Seattle: The cooler climes will help the Seahawks after broiling in San Diego last week.  I think they smack Denver again.  PICK: Seattle

Kansas City (+4) at Miami: What's up with the Phins? They come out and smack New England, then lay an egg against the Bills.  I think they rebound this week at home.  PICK: Miami

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at Carolina: Reports of Carolina's demise were greatly exaggerated.  PICK: Carolina

Chicago (+2.5) at NYJ: Chicago seems to play to their competition.  As do the NYJ.  This sounds like it will be a close game.  PICK: Chicago

OVERALL: 13-18-1


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Not my best week ever last week, but not my worst.  Now we've seen everybody and can get a better read on week two.  Let's get out of the red and into the black with this week's gaaaaaames.

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at Baltimore: Both of these teams played one solid half of football each last week.  With this whole Ray Rice thing going down on Monday, I can't think Baltimore will be focused enough this week.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Detroit (+3) at Carolina: Cam returns for the Panthers this week, but I think the Lions will be able to do more to the Panthers defense than the Bucs did.  PICK: Lions

Miami (-1) at Buffalo: Miami's pass rush always looks ruthless against the Pats.  Can they keep it up against Buffalo?  Or will this be another year where the Bills start 5-0?  PICK: Miami

Jacksonville (+6) at Washington: The Skins looked putrid against the Texans last week.  Meanwhile Jacksonville showed some life, then got blown out by the Iggs.  Jacksonville is somewhere in between the two teams we saw last week, but I think Washington can dispatch them.  PICK: Washington

Dallas (+3.5) at Tennessee: Romo was in his room painting Romo things last week.  Romo's hilarious red zone turnovers are as reliable as Bart picking rock in Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Good old rock.  Nothing beats rock.  PICK: Tennessee

Arizona (-2.5) at NYG: Crazy things happened in the desert in week one, but it didn't translate to the Cardinals covering.  The Giants look like they have an array of problems though.  The Cards should handle them.  Also, for the record I think the Cardinals should go back to being the Phoenix Cardinals.  For most teams I would go the other way (I call the Colts "Indiana" all the time).  PICK: Arizona

NEP (-3) at Minnesota: Pats fans are not used to being last place in the AFC East.  BB probably hates it.  I doubt they lose two in a row.  PICK: NEP

New Orleans (-6.5) at Cleveland: Ditto for New Orleans.  PICK: New Orleans

Atlanta (+5) at Cincinnati: The Falcons are on the comeback trail this year with everyone healthy.  PICK: Atlanta

St. Louis (+5) at Tampa Bay: St. Louis is going to be really bad this year.  Disappointing.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Seattle (-6) at San Diego: I didn't watch much of the Chargers game on Monday, but if Phoenix beat them I have a feeling Seattle will steamroll them.  PICK: Seattle

Houston (-3) at Oakland: Clowney goes down in week one, but the defense still should be able to bottle up Derek Carr and fake person Rod Streater.  PICK: Houston

NYJ (+8.5) at Green Bay: Green Bay didn't look so great against Seattle.  They will go up against another good defense this week.  I think 8.5 is too much to give the NYJ.  I'll take them as my NO DOUBTER this week.  PICK: NYJ

Kansas City (+13.5) at Denver: The Broncos beat a good Indianapolis team, but it got close towards the end.  Meanwhile Kansas City is in disarray with two of their better players going down for the season.  John Fox has always managed to outfox Andy Reid though.  Also...hey Chiefs fans, get used to Andy not running the ball.  We had to put up with it for 14 years.  PICK: Denver

Chicago (+7) at San Francisco: Miserable performance by Chicago last week.  San Fran is gonna smack them in the mouth for the grand opener of Levi's stadium.  One of the more ridiculous stadium names there is.  PICK: San Francisco

Philadelphia (+3) at Indianapolis: The Colts did not get much of a rush on Peyton Manning.  That is good news for the Iggs who are down 3 starting lineman  I think we see much more of the second half Eagles from week one this week.  PICK: Philadelphia

LAST WEEK: 7-8-1
OVERALL: 7-8-1

Taken With a Grain of Rice

This week we have all been reintroduced to the Ray Rice assault story as a new video from the hotel elevator has leaked.  The video shows Rice gruesomely punching his fiancee in the face with a left cross and knocking her out.  Allegedly, in reaction to the video the Ravens decided to cut Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  I don't know if we will ever know if the NFL saw the video before this or not, but that is not what I want to talk about anyway.  I don't even want to talk about Ray Rice.  Whatever happens to him is probably deserved, and I agree a much harsher penalty than a two game suspension was warranted.  However, I want to talk about what has become of the media and people in general.  Dangerous thinking for a sports blog, I know, but we have to consider where we are getting are information from before we believe it as iron-clad and 100% accurate.

Just this week, we have seen the media and fans grab hold of two stories that are really bothering me.  The first is of course the Ray Rice video; and the second is this story about LeSean McCoy only tipping 20 cents on a 60 dollar restaurant bill.  These stories are far apart in terms of gravity, but both have elicited similar reactions from people.  These stories lead us as fans and human beings to judge these people from afar, without knowing the entire story.  I can't count the number of people that I have seen on facebook and other outlets thinking that they know the whole story and making demands of the people involved based on their perspective.  These stories somehow make us feel better about ourselves.  The media spits out some shred of negativity, and we automatically feel like we are the jury in this person's trial.  In reality, none of us are really much better than Shady McCoy or even Ray Rice.  But because their ordeals were caught on tape, we automatically are allowed to tear them down and judge them.  If my worst moments in life were caught on tape without giving me the chance for any explanation, I would probably be condemned by the media and social media as well.  I'm not saying Ray Rice is innocent, or that the NFL is without blame.  I'm saying who are we to think that we know everything about these people, and have any right to make a judgement of them?  Let's take a step back, people.

Furthermore, let's take a good look at how these stories are coming about.  The number one reporter of all of these things: TMZ.  If I may ignore my own advice from the prior paragraph and play armchair quarterback for a minute or two; I would like to take a look at just what TMZ does that is of any substance.  TMZ seemingly exists to slander people.  In the name of clicks, ratings, and money, they try to get their hands on any bit of damning material involving celebrities that they can.  Rightfully or not, they have ruined people's lives with this material.  They do not respect anybody's privacy and, from what I have seen, rarely display anybody in a positive light.  These are the folks we can thank for the Ray Rice video.  Do you think they went to any effort to find out what caused these actions by Rice?  Doubtful.  They just got their hands on the most salacious parts of the video and ran with it.  Shocking videos sell.  How about when Riley Cooper went on that racist tirade last year?  Did they try and find out what happened before or after that?  Haven't seen a thing.  Yet these are the people we trust as our source for breaking news and information.  For me, regardless of what video they manage to find, I don't find them any better than the people they are portraying.

Maybe this is the age that we live in.  Where we would rather find out something criminalizing about somebody than learn something positive.  I'd rather give someone the benefit of the doubt.  For instance, ESPN ran a great story last night about LeSean McCoy; how he suffered a compound fracture of his ankle his senior year of high school, lost almost all of his college scholarships, and worked his way back all the way to where he is now.  He also runs a charity to help people with ALS, a disease he lost his grandmother to.  Moreover, he has a son who he shares custody of and he cares for him Monday through Friday even during the season.  It was a rare great piece of work by ESPN, but not enough to break through the negative spin of him leaving 20 cents as a tip.  People on social media leave comments like "Not surprising, Eagles breed class." without knowing anything more about him than the tip story.  Again, take a step back.  Look at the big picture.

I'm not entirely sure where I am going with this rant; but I think we as people are becoming too quick to judge people, especially on the negative side.  We need to make sure we know who our sources are, look at both sides of the story and make more educated responses to stories like the ones we have experienced this week.  Blindly tearing people down isn't going to help anybody.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Oh that's right folks, we are going professional now.  Welcome to season three of MWP!  Last season we finished 118-125-6 with an 11-8 record in the No Doubter column.  The No Doubters were solid in the regular season but tarnished by the playoffs.  We might forgo the No Doubters in the playoffs this year.  We shall see.  Week one is always trouble because we have no idea what is in store for us with each team.  Basing picks entirely off of reputation and pre-season is troublesome.  As always though, let's give it a go.

Green Bay (+5.5) at Seattle: Tough environment for Green Bay to go into.  I think the champs run all over them and put a beatdown on the Pack in their Super Bowl celebration. PICK: Seattle

New Orleans (-3) at Atlanta: The Saints offense is going to be high-octane again this year.  They do have trouble in the dome though.  PICK: New Orleans

Minnesota (+3.5) at St. Louis: No clue on this game.  Who is the Rams QB?  PICK: St. Louis

Cleveland (+6.5) at Pittsburgh: Both of these offenses have nobody to give the ball to.  PICK: Cleveland

Jacksonville (+10.5) at Philadelphia: The Eagles offense is going to put Jacksonville in a mental pretzel.  PICK: Philadelphia

Oakland (+5) at NYJ: Rex's defense should put the clamps on Derek Carr.  PICK: NYJ

Cincinnati (+2) at Baltimore:  Another tough call.  Gimme the Ravens at home.  PICK: Baltimore

Buffalo (+7) at Chicago: Buffalo is usually at their feistiest in week one, but I'll take the Bears with Jeffery and Marshall.  PICK: Bears

Washington (+3) at Houston: Reminds me of a game Washington was supposed to win last season in week 1 and got STEAMROLLED.  PICK: Houston

Tennessee (+4) at Kansas City: The Chiefs effectiveness as a team is on the same sliding scale as the funniness of the B-Sharps name in the Simpsons.  Right now they are on about laugh three.  PICK: Kansas City
NEP (-5) at Miami: Coach Philbin is in for a rude awakening.  PICK: NEP

Carolina (+2) at Tampa Bay:  Good to see Vegas is skeptical about the Panthers too.  I still like them in this matchup though.  PICK: Carolina

San Francisco (-5) at Dallas: San Francisco by two touchdowns.  Make it a NO DOUBTER.  PICK: SF

Indianapolis (+7.5) at Denver: Tough call, but with no Robert Mathis I think Peyton has all day to throw.  PICK: Denver

NYG (+6) at Detroit: New coach in Detroit.  Wild card.  PICK: Detroit

San Diego (+3) at Arizona: What did we learn last year?  CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN IN THE DESERT.  PICK: Arizona

Moose's NFL Preview

Gather round children; the NFL season and the promise of many wings is nigh!  A lot of crazy things happened last year: Peyton Manning broke the record for touchdown passes in a season, the Seahawks took the league by storm and won the Super Bowl in a blowout, and craziest of all the Browns fired coach Rob Chudzinski.  Nobody could have seen that coming.  The 2014 NFL season looks to have a few Super Bowl favorites right out of the gate, but let's try to predict the unpredictable once again in our yearly preview.

NEP (12-4) - Gotta like the NEP again this year.  The AFC East is slowly improving, but nobody is ready to challenge the Pats yet.   Consider this: the Patriots made the AFC Championship last year without Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, Rob Gronkowski & Sebastian Vollmer.  Those guys are all healthy, and the Pats have added Darrelle Revis (pronounced Dare-ull) and Brandon Browner on defense.  Me likey.  Tommy Football should be fine on offense, and the defense will be the best BB has seen in about 10 years.

NYJ (9-7) - I was very low on the Jets last year, but was impressed with what Big Fat Rex was able to do with them.  Their defense will keep games close, and the offense has added a few weapons in CJ2K and Eric Decker.  It is all going to come down to the quarterback though, and the Jets don't have a good one.  They just miss the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins (7-9) - Joe "don't call me Regis" Philbin has created a pretty toxic environment in Miami in only two years.  They drafted lineman Ja'Wuan (file that under "new ways to spell Juwon") James and signed Brandon Albert from the Chiefs, but I still think this offense will sputter.  The defense will be a question mark as well.  The real question on this team is; who will step into the crucial roles of bully and bullied for a team that lost Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin?

Buffalo Bills (5-11) - Sammy Watkins is on this team, but the defense lost their two generals in Jairus Byrd and Kiko Alonso (injury).  They only have scrubs replacing them.  They are all scrubs and have a weird coach whose name eludes me at present.

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) - This team will probably be the same as last year.  Good defense, bland but effective offense, early playoff exit.  They will only go as far as the Red Rocket takes them.

Baltimore Ravens (10-6) - I like the Ravens this year.  The Smith & Smith wide receiving corps is going to give defensive backs and announcers nightmares, and Ray Rice should have a bounce back season after he returns from his suspension.  I also see the Ravens using him on defense with the way he hits (had to).  They will be a challenger for a playoff spot.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-10) - The Steelers just refuse to help Big Ben out.  His pump fake is easily the best move in the game though.  Tough year for the black and gold.

Cleveland Browns (1-15) - The Browns don't deserve to win one game after they fired Chudzinski like that.  But I have them winning 1.

Indianapolis Colts (13-3) - With Chudzinski in the fold and Reggie Wayne back, I expect a big year in Indianapolis.  We stopped in Indianapolis on our road trip last summer and the hotel was giving away bud light.  GIVING AWAY BUD LIGHT.  Somewhere a famous tech blogger is having an aneurysm.  The Colts offense should be stout, but the defense will face some trouble without star pass rusher Robert Mathis for four games.  In this easy division it will not matter though.

Houston Texans (7-9) - Bill O'Brien will immediately inherit a solid defense that will only get better with Jadeveon Clowney.  The offense needs a little work, but will be revitalized with a new scheme.  A nice bounce back year from Houston.

Tennessee Titans (6-10) - This year they decide Jake Locker is not the answer on offense.  Is their coach still Norm Chow?  Was he ever their coach?  Not sure.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) - Will Rackley is the best player on this team.

Denver Broncos (14-2) - Wild Wild Wes is right!  Welker's career looks all but over, but the Broncos will keep rolling along this season.  John Elway apparently started his own mint in Mile High Stadium (don't care what it is really called) to pay for all these high-priced free agents they brought in: Emmanuel Sanders, Aqib Talib, Demarcus Ware and TJ Ward.  Apparently I don't understand how the salary cap works, because the Broncos should be a billion dollars over it.  Regardless, they will be better on both offense and defense this year.

San Diego Chargers (11-5) - Big Phil Rivers will take this team to the playoffs with the help of his skinny-faced coach.  The Bolts defense will be what limits them from being a Super Bowl threat.

Kansas City Chiefs (9-7) - Fat Andy and co. lost some big pieces in the offseason, and I think last season was kind of an anomaly anyway.  Look for them to fall back in the pack this year.

Oakland Raiders (4-12) - Wide receiver Rod Streater just sounds like somebody that would play for a fake football team in a movie.  I miss the silver and black from the 90s.  Power team.

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) - The Iggs will look to build on last year's surprise playoff run.  On offense, the wide receiving corps was weakened by Desean Jackson's release.  However, I believe the offense as a whole will be stronger with the emergence of Zach Ertz "so good", the addition of Darren Sproles to the backfield, and another year of immersion into the madness that is the Chip Kelly offense.  The defense was bolstered by the addition of Malcolm Jenkins and Nolan Carroll in the secondary.  It is time for pass rushers Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham to step up though.  Long live Foles.

NYG (8-8) - Everybody is calling for the Redskins to make a run this year, but I'm not buying it.  The Giants run game will be better this year, especially with the addition of the weird running Andre Williams.  I can't put my finger on it, but he just runs weird.  Dude you're getting a dell Beckham will help Eli throw it less to the other team as well.  Defense is a large question mark, but the Giants will be ok this year.

Washington Redskins (6-10) - A lot of people (and a RAT) on the REDSKINS bandwagon this year, I'm not buying it.  Every time I watch Robert Griffin, I feel like I am looking at a Vick/McNabb clone.  Just can't figure out how to be a pocket passing QB.  Also, every single throw he makes is off of his back foot.  Look for the INTs to go UP UP UP UP UP UP this year.  In typical Dan Snyder fashion, another Redskins season will go up in flames.

Dallas Cowboys (5-11) - Ick.  Talk about a dumpster bonfire. The worst defense in the NFL lost their three best players (D. Ware, Sean Lee (injured), Jason Hatcher).  That is not good.  Romo will continue to be a bumbler on offense.  Ugly year for Big D.

Green Bay Packers (10-6) - I really don't like most of the teams in the NFC North.  This is supposed to be the black and blue division, but it is the division of pussy QBs.  Anyway, the Pack should be able to win this division with a healthy Aaron Rodgers.  An aging defense and losing B.J. Raji for the season will hurt this defense though.  Not a Super Bowl contender in my mind.

Chicago Bears (9-7) - Classic Cutler season.  The Bears coach (above) is also a total weirdo.

Detroit Lions (8-8) - New coach.  New attitude.  Looks for the Lions to be players again in a year or two.  Defense still needs work though.

Minnesota Vikings (5-11) - Theodore Bridgewater.  Would not have guessed black QB.  This team will suck.

  New Orleans Saints (11-5) - That right there is Rickey Jackson.  An innovator.  Dude had the most badass facemask ever when we were kids.  Anyway, the Saints offense is going to be really good again.  Brandin "COOKED" Cooks is going to run wild, and Drew Brees should be prolific as usual.  Once again it will come down to the defense, but I think the Saints are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

Atlanta Falcons (8-8) - The Falcons were miserable last year.  In the offseason, they shored up both lines and got healthy.  This should be enough to get them back to at least .500.

Carolina Panthers (8-8) - Steve Smith was a huge loss for this team.  He was a leader more than Cam in my opinion.  They also lost several key pieces on defense to free agency/suspension and were only able to sign old grey mare Roman Harper.  The same Roman Harper that needed an oxygen mask after failing to outrun Sam Bradford after a fumble.  They take a step back this year.

Tampa Bay Bucs (6-10) - I really think the Bucs made a mistake letting Schiano go.  Guy got the most out of his players.  The Bucs QB is also a pipsqueak.

Seattle Seahawks (12-4) - The super bowl champs lost a few players via free agency, but Richard Sherman is still the straw that stirs the drink on defense.  They will be just as good.  Russ Wilson has been doing a lot this offseason, leading me to wonder if his head is in to repeating as champs.  Also, how much does Marshawn Lynch have left in the tank?  We will see.  I still like them to win the west though.

Arizona Cardinals (11-5) - The Cards were the best team not to make the playoffs last year.  They have arguably one of the best secondaries in football, and added to it in the draft with S Deone Buchanan and in free agency with Antonio Cromartie.  They also added a new weapon on offense for Carson Palmer in TE Troy Niklas.  I like the Cards to make the jump into the playoffs this season.

San Francisco 49ers (10-6) - For every team that steps up, another steps back.  Since losing the Super Bowl two seasons ago, the 49ers have gotten older on both sides of the ball, especially on defense.  Couple that with suspensions to several defensive lineman and the 9ers vaunted defense is now in trouble.  I also don't trust Kaepernick in such a tough division.  I'm going with my instincts on this one.  I smell a RAT.

St. Louis Rams (6-10) - The Rams defense will win them games straight up.  It is a shame that Bradford went down again, but hopefully St. Louis can now cut the chord on him without any second guessing.



Super Bowl: Patriots over Saints