Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Oh that's right folks, we are going professional now.  Welcome to season three of MWP!  Last season we finished 118-125-6 with an 11-8 record in the No Doubter column.  The No Doubters were solid in the regular season but tarnished by the playoffs.  We might forgo the No Doubters in the playoffs this year.  We shall see.  Week one is always trouble because we have no idea what is in store for us with each team.  Basing picks entirely off of reputation and pre-season is troublesome.  As always though, let's give it a go.

Green Bay (+5.5) at Seattle: Tough environment for Green Bay to go into.  I think the champs run all over them and put a beatdown on the Pack in their Super Bowl celebration. PICK: Seattle

New Orleans (-3) at Atlanta: The Saints offense is going to be high-octane again this year.  They do have trouble in the dome though.  PICK: New Orleans

Minnesota (+3.5) at St. Louis: No clue on this game.  Who is the Rams QB?  PICK: St. Louis

Cleveland (+6.5) at Pittsburgh: Both of these offenses have nobody to give the ball to.  PICK: Cleveland

Jacksonville (+10.5) at Philadelphia: The Eagles offense is going to put Jacksonville in a mental pretzel.  PICK: Philadelphia

Oakland (+5) at NYJ: Rex's defense should put the clamps on Derek Carr.  PICK: NYJ

Cincinnati (+2) at Baltimore:  Another tough call.  Gimme the Ravens at home.  PICK: Baltimore

Buffalo (+7) at Chicago: Buffalo is usually at their feistiest in week one, but I'll take the Bears with Jeffery and Marshall.  PICK: Bears

Washington (+3) at Houston: Reminds me of a game Washington was supposed to win last season in week 1 and got STEAMROLLED.  PICK: Houston

Tennessee (+4) at Kansas City: The Chiefs effectiveness as a team is on the same sliding scale as the funniness of the B-Sharps name in the Simpsons.  Right now they are on about laugh three.  PICK: Kansas City
NEP (-5) at Miami: Coach Philbin is in for a rude awakening.  PICK: NEP

Carolina (+2) at Tampa Bay:  Good to see Vegas is skeptical about the Panthers too.  I still like them in this matchup though.  PICK: Carolina

San Francisco (-5) at Dallas: San Francisco by two touchdowns.  Make it a NO DOUBTER.  PICK: SF

Indianapolis (+7.5) at Denver: Tough call, but with no Robert Mathis I think Peyton has all day to throw.  PICK: Denver

NYG (+6) at Detroit: New coach in Detroit.  Wild card.  PICK: Detroit

San Diego (+3) at Arizona: What did we learn last year?  CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN IN THE DESERT.  PICK: Arizona

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