Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Not my best week ever last week, but not my worst.  Now we've seen everybody and can get a better read on week two.  Let's get out of the red and into the black with this week's gaaaaaames.

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at Baltimore: Both of these teams played one solid half of football each last week.  With this whole Ray Rice thing going down on Monday, I can't think Baltimore will be focused enough this week.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Detroit (+3) at Carolina: Cam returns for the Panthers this week, but I think the Lions will be able to do more to the Panthers defense than the Bucs did.  PICK: Lions

Miami (-1) at Buffalo: Miami's pass rush always looks ruthless against the Pats.  Can they keep it up against Buffalo?  Or will this be another year where the Bills start 5-0?  PICK: Miami

Jacksonville (+6) at Washington: The Skins looked putrid against the Texans last week.  Meanwhile Jacksonville showed some life, then got blown out by the Iggs.  Jacksonville is somewhere in between the two teams we saw last week, but I think Washington can dispatch them.  PICK: Washington

Dallas (+3.5) at Tennessee: Romo was in his room painting Romo things last week.  Romo's hilarious red zone turnovers are as reliable as Bart picking rock in Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Good old rock.  Nothing beats rock.  PICK: Tennessee

Arizona (-2.5) at NYG: Crazy things happened in the desert in week one, but it didn't translate to the Cardinals covering.  The Giants look like they have an array of problems though.  The Cards should handle them.  Also, for the record I think the Cardinals should go back to being the Phoenix Cardinals.  For most teams I would go the other way (I call the Colts "Indiana" all the time).  PICK: Arizona

NEP (-3) at Minnesota: Pats fans are not used to being last place in the AFC East.  BB probably hates it.  I doubt they lose two in a row.  PICK: NEP

New Orleans (-6.5) at Cleveland: Ditto for New Orleans.  PICK: New Orleans

Atlanta (+5) at Cincinnati: The Falcons are on the comeback trail this year with everyone healthy.  PICK: Atlanta

St. Louis (+5) at Tampa Bay: St. Louis is going to be really bad this year.  Disappointing.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Seattle (-6) at San Diego: I didn't watch much of the Chargers game on Monday, but if Phoenix beat them I have a feeling Seattle will steamroll them.  PICK: Seattle

Houston (-3) at Oakland: Clowney goes down in week one, but the defense still should be able to bottle up Derek Carr and fake person Rod Streater.  PICK: Houston

NYJ (+8.5) at Green Bay: Green Bay didn't look so great against Seattle.  They will go up against another good defense this week.  I think 8.5 is too much to give the NYJ.  I'll take them as my NO DOUBTER this week.  PICK: NYJ

Kansas City (+13.5) at Denver: The Broncos beat a good Indianapolis team, but it got close towards the end.  Meanwhile Kansas City is in disarray with two of their better players going down for the season.  John Fox has always managed to outfox Andy Reid though.  Also...hey Chiefs fans, get used to Andy not running the ball.  We had to put up with it for 14 years.  PICK: Denver

Chicago (+7) at San Francisco: Miserable performance by Chicago last week.  San Fran is gonna smack them in the mouth for the grand opener of Levi's stadium.  One of the more ridiculous stadium names there is.  PICK: San Francisco

Philadelphia (+3) at Indianapolis: The Colts did not get much of a rush on Peyton Manning.  That is good news for the Iggs who are down 3 starting lineman  I think we see much more of the second half Eagles from week one this week.  PICK: Philadelphia

LAST WEEK: 7-8-1
OVERALL: 7-8-1

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