Thursday, September 18, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another lackluster week for Moose, going 6-10 in week 2 and officially being knocked out of the infamous Dorne family suicide pool; the most talked about Dorne family event since the great dustmite scare of 1991.  However, I hit on another No Doubter bringing me to 2-0 on the year.  Let's take a look at some week 3 matchups, but in a rather strange and serious way (if anybody can figure out that reference I'd be very impressed).

Tampa Bay (+6) at Atlanta: Both teams looked putrid last week, but the Bucs looked putrid against the Rams.  I like Atlanta to bounce back in the dome.  PICK: Atlanta

San Diego (+2.5) at Buffalo: Buffalo has trounced me so far in MWP this year.  You mess with the Moose you'll get the antlers young men.  PICK: San Diego

Dallas (-1) at St. Louis: Which Cowboys team will show up?  Who is the Rams quarterback?  What is a horseshoe?  Is there a horsesock?  PICK: Dallas

Washington (+6.5) at Philadelphia: The mighty Kurt Cousins looked pretty good last week against a lousy Jaguars team.  The Iggs shook the Colts by the skin of their teeth.  This should be a good matchup, especially with the added wrinkle of Desean Jackson returning to Philly.  I like the Iggs to break away in the second half again.  PICK: Philadelphia

Houston (-2) at NYG: Houston has a very opportunistic defense.  The Giants have Eli Manning.  PICK: Houston

Minnesota (+10) at New Orleans: The 0-2 Saints in their home opener versus the Matt Asiata led Vikings.  Seems like a no-brainer here, but 10 is a lot to give up for a team that hasn't played a complete 60 minute game yet.  PICK: New Orleans

Tennessee (+7) at Cincinnati: I will be the first to admit that I don't know anything about the Titans, except that Koey is now a fan of them.  I can't see them going into the jungle and doing anything against Cincy.  PICK: Cincinnati

Baltimore (-1.5) at Cleveland: I guess Baltimore doesn't need Ray Rice.  Unfortunately, my fantasy team DOES.  PICK: Baltimore

Green Bay (+2.5) at Detroit: I expect a high scoring affair here.  PICK: Green Bay

Indianapolis (-7) at Jacksonville:  Andrew Luck being 0-2 after having a game (albeit one play does not a game decide) taken away by the refs has gotta peeve him more than Homer breathing through his nose pissed off Flanders.  I doubt Andrew will swear like Flanders did when he takes it out on Jacksonville though.  He can't use bad words.  This is a NO DOUBTER. PICK: Colts

Oakland (+14) at New England: I'm not sure what to make of the Pats quite yet.  14 is a lot to give away, but I think the Pats defense is beginning to come together.  The offense still needs work though.  PICK: can I really pick the Raiders? Yuck.  Raiders

San Francisco (-3) at Arizona: Good game here.  As we know, crazy things happen in the desert.  But the Cardinals are still a little dinged up.  I don't think they can put up the points to hang with the 9ers.  PICK: San Francisco

Denver (+5) at Seattle: The cooler climes will help the Seahawks after broiling in San Diego last week.  I think they smack Denver again.  PICK: Seattle

Kansas City (+4) at Miami: What's up with the Phins? They come out and smack New England, then lay an egg against the Bills.  I think they rebound this week at home.  PICK: Miami

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at Carolina: Reports of Carolina's demise were greatly exaggerated.  PICK: Carolina

Chicago (+2.5) at NYJ: Chicago seems to play to their competition.  As do the NYJ.  This sounds like it will be a close game.  PICK: Chicago

OVERALL: 13-18-1


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  1. I think some of our teddy bears are still wrapped in bubble wrap in the attic following the August '91 Dust Mite purge.