Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a week long vacation Moose is rested, refreshed and ready to get a jump on the rest of the season.  During my break, we saw a week of what would have been very tough picks.  I'm glad I chose not to/forgot to pick during my vacation.  We still need to rebound off of a 7-8 week two weeks ago though.  Let's get into it.

New Orleans (-3) at Carolina:  The Saints throttled Green Bay last week in a shocker.  They go on the road and give up points this week in a battle for the putrid NFC South.  PICK: Carolina

San Diego (+2.5) at Miami: San Diego has had 10 days to rest after losing a tough one to the Broncos.  Big Phil Rivers never gave up despite being down big early.  PICK: San Diego

Jacksonville (+11) at Cincinnati: The Bengals get AJ Green back this week just in time to make a second half run.  Unfortunately, AJ is a few weeks too late for my fantasy team.  PICK: Cincy

Tampa Bay (+6.5) at Cleveland: This is a game the Brownies should win.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Washington (+1) at Minnesota: Robert Griffin III returns for the Skins.  Over/under 1.5 quarters before he is injured again.  PICK: Minnesota

Philadelphia (-2) at Houston: Sloppy loss to the Cardinals last week.  Chip will look to right the ship this week and stay atop the NFC East.  PICK: Philadelphia

NYJ (+9.5) at Kansas City:  The Chiefs are starting to roll again after whooping up on the Rams last week.  Rex has gotta be on his last legs in NY.  PICK: Kansas City

Arizona (+3.5) at Dallas: The season is halfway over in Big D.  You know what that means.  PICK: Arizona

St. Louis (+10) at San Francisco: The Niners are coming off of a bye and are at home.  They should handle the Rams again.  PICK: San Francisco

Denver (-3) at NEP: Manning has nightmares coming into Gillette Stadium.  Can the Pats get pressure on Manning without Chandler Jones?  Can Denver continue to be an offensive juggernaut?  This is going to be the game of the week.  I'm taking the points at home.  PICK: NEP

Oakland (+15) at Seattle:  Something is rotten in Seattle right now.  The offense is non-existent.  I will take the Raiders and the points and make them my NO DOUBTER this week.  Faith, Hope, Sparano.  PICK: Oakland

Baltimore (-1.5) at Pittsburgh: The Steelers are a enigma, wrapped in an riddle, wrapped in a vest.  They look amazing some weeks and terrible others.  I would say they have figured it out though.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis (-3) at NYG: Indy let the Steelers drop 51 on them last week.  Embarrassing.  The NYG are coming off of back to back NFC East losses followed by a bye week.  Both teams aren't happy.  PICK: Indy

OVERALL: 51-52-2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a mediocre week last week we are at .500 on the nose going into week seven.  It could be better, but it could be worse.  A few teams have burned me after I showed faith in them.  They will be mocked and ridiculed this week.  To the games!

NYJ (+9.5) at NEP: The NEP put a beat down on the Bills last week, and the NYJ got smacked by Denver.  Moose was in attendance for the last Thursday night game in New England between the Pats and the Jets, and went home rain soaked and disappointed by a gunslinging NYJ offense in overtime.  I think the NEP win, but 9.5 is too rich for my blood.  PICK: NYJ

Cincinnati (+3) at Indianapolis: Indy is firing on all cylinders, and Cincy just tied the Panthers.  It seems like the Bengals are involved in every tie there is.  PICK: Indy

Tennessee (+5.5) at Washington: I think I am done picking the Titans.  They are just not any good.  Neither are the Skins, though.  PICK: Washington

Miami (+3) at Chicago: Ugh I hate picking both of these teams.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (-5.5) at Jacksonville:  I can't believe the Brownies are performing so well without the Chud.  The team will eventually realize they should be with him and not their new coach.  Right now Chud probably feels a lot like Santa's Little Helper after Bart let him live with the blind guy and kept Laddie instead.  PICK: Cleveland

Seattle (-7) at St. Louis: Jared Cook's garbage time 10 yard catch defeated my fantasy time by one point last week.  Seattle, please steamroll the Rams.  PICK: Seattle

Carolina (+7) at Green Bay: Green Bay either steamrolls or disappoints.  They cost me a No Doubter last week.  PICK: Carolina

Atlanta (+7) at Baltimore:  Atlanta can go suck a railroad spike.  They are the biggest garbage team ever assembled.  No defense, and an offense full of divas.  Baltimore is gonna smack em around in the Charm City this weekend.  Fire that stupid white-haired/black-eyebrowed coach of yours too.  PICK: Baltimore

Minnesota (+5.5) at Buffalo: Minnesota, I'm done with you as well.  Gimme Kyle Orton and that big beautiful face of his!  PICK: Buffalo

New Orleans (+3) at Detroit: My grandfather once told me, "If you ever get New Orleans and points, take it."  My grandfather also once told me, "Zolak will be the starter for the Patriots by the end of the season.  Remember I said that."  I did.  PICK: New Orleans

Kansas City (+4) at San Diego: Kansas City is too caught up in Royals fever to care about this game.  San Diego will take it.  PICK: San Diego

NYG (+6.5) at Dallas: Are the Giants that bad?  Is Dallas that good?  I'm starting to worry.  PICK: Dallas

Arizona (-3.5) at Oakland:  Another win in the desert for the Cardinals last week.  Meanwhile Tony Sparano employed the old buried football to get the Raiders to play an inspired game against San Diego.  The Cardinals defense will not let Derek Carr throw four touchdowns, to be sure.  NO DOUBTER city right here.  PICK: Cardinals

San Francisco (+6.5) at Denver: Tough matchup here.  I don't think SF has enough firepower though.  PICK: Denver

Houston (+3.5) at Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh doth protest too much.  PICK: Houston

OVERALL: 44-44-2

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

A solid week last week after a rough start on Thursday night.  Moose is back over .500 and living the high life.  Let's keep Mr. Mo Mentum at his current address and put together another strong week of picks in week six.

Indianapolis (-3) at Houston: Still no Jadeveon Clowney for the Texans, and Indy is coming on strong.  PICK: Indy

Denver (-8.5) at NYJ: Is this one of those games where Rex surprises all the haters and puts together a miraculous win?  I don't think so.  PICK: Denver

Pittsburgh (+2) at Cleveland: The Brownies are playing some decent football right now.  If they still had the Chud as their coach they'd be undefeated.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Tennessee: Jacksonville only lost by eight last week.  That might be the best they can do.  PICK: Tennessee

Chicago (+3) at Atlanta: Both of these teams are underwhelming.  PICK: Atlanta

Green Bay (-3.5) at Miami: Miami is coming off of a bye after beating the hapless Raiders in London.  I think they still get steamrolled by Green Bay this week.  Miami playing Green Bay after playing Oakland is kind of like the Shelbyville bully picking on Martin and then having to fight Nelson, if you catch my drift.  I will make Green Bay my NO DOUBTER this week. PICK: Green Bay

Detroit (-1.5) at Minnesota: I thought Teddy Bridgewater was playing last week when I picked Minnesota to cover the spread.  I have to do a better job of putting this blog in a position to win.  He is starting this week.  I will roll the dice again.  PICK: Minnesota

Carolina (+7) at Cincinnati: Of course I pick the Pats to lose last week and they steamroll the Bengals.  Cincy is back in the jungle against an up and down Panthers team.  PICK: Carolina

NEP (-3) at Buffalo: The Pats just demolished Cincy and it was business as usual; the Bills just carried their coach off the field after beating the Lions.  PICK: NEP

Baltimore (-3) at Tampa Bay: The Bucs showed signs of life against New Orleans last week, but will probably get steamrolled again this week. PICK: Baltimore

San Diego (-7) at Oakland: I'm a big Tony Sparano guy, but changing the coach isn't going to make the players any better.  Beatdown right here.  PICK: San Diego

Dallas (+8) at Seattle: People are high on Big D after their 4-1 start, and the 'boys are becoming a trendy upset pick this week.  Tell me, who have they beaten (especially on the road) that is any good?  PICK: Seattle

Washington (+3.5) at Arizona:  We all know what happens in the desert.  Kirk Cousins will not survive the desert.  I've seen grown men go into the desert and lose their minds.  Very similar to the Devil's Backbone in that regard. PICK: Arizona

NYG (+2.5) at Philadelphia: Throw out the record books when the Iggs play the Giants.  This game will be a battle.  I honestly am just gonna flip a coin.  Heads: the Iggs.  Tails: the NYG.  PICK: NYG

San Francisco (-3.5) at St. Louis: The Niners will smack St. Louis because they have a reliable running game.  PICK: San Francisco

OVERALL: 37-36-2

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

What goes up must come down.  Whenever I come close to getting over .500, I am beset by a tough week.  This one wasn't too bad, though I did miss my first No Doubter.  We can rebound.  Let's get over the hump!

Minnesota (+8.5) at Green Bay: Teddy Bridgewater is looking pretty good.  The Pack trounced the Bears last week though.  I'm thinking the Vikings run game can keep this one within eight points.  PICK: Minnesota

Chicago (+2.5) at Carolina: Two unpredictable teams.  The Panthers backfield is a mess.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (+2) at Tennessee: Koey's favorite team steamrolled the Chiefs in week one, and have been getting steamrolled ever since.  PICK: Browns

St. Louis (+7) at Philadelphia:  I am worried about this game.  I played a little left guard in my high school days; the Iggs could probably use me.  PICK: St. Louis

Atlanta (+4) at NYG: The Falcons fell flat last week against the Vikings after dismantling the Bucs.  The NYG beat up on the hapless Skins.  Both teams play towards the mean this week.  PICK: Atlanta

Tampa Bay (+10.5) at New Orleans: The Saints haven't played this badly since they infamously cornered the Billy Joe market with QBs Billy Joe Hobert and Billy Joe Tolliver.  A genius strategy that never really panned out.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Houston (+6) at Dallas: Dallas is surprising everybody right now.  We will see if they can keep it up in the second half of the season.  PICK: Houston

Buffalo (+7) at Detroit: Buffalo is in full swan song mode now.  They have sacrificed their franchise image by starting Kyle Orton's face at QB.  PICK: Detroit

Baltimore (+3.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck has put two incredible games together.  Now he will play against a decent defense.  PICK: Indianapolis

Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Jacksonville: Jacksonville is inept.  However, Jacksonville can rejoice in the new ruling that NFL games that are not sold out cannot be blacked out on TV anymore.  Or maybe they didn't want to be subject to Jags games.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Arizona (+7) at Denver: The Phoenix Cardinals are a mighty 3-0.  They are away from the desert this week though.  Can Drew Stanton keep up with Peyton Manning? PICK: Denver

Kansas City (+6) at San Francisco: Big win for Fat Andy on Monday night.  San Francisco is on the upswing after a comeback win against the Iggs though.  PICK: San Francisco

NYJ (+6.5) at San Diego: Gotta like the Chahguhs in this one.  The Jets wavering between Geno and Michael Vick makes me happier than anyone will ever know.  PICK: San Diego

Cincinnati (-1) at New England: Tom Brady is getting beaten up in the pocket worse than Bart when he had to wear corrective shoes, rub a medicated salve into his scalp, and spray his throat for two weeks straight.  I'd like to think they shock the world this week, but I don't see it happening.  PICK: Cincy

Seattle (-7) at Washington: Seattle coming off a bye week, with the Skins having gotten steamrolled by the Giants.  This has all the making of a disaster.  Make this my NO DOUBTER, and I furthermore guarantee Desean Jackson does not show up in this game.  PICK: Seattle

LAST WEEK: 5-6-1 (forgot the GB-CHI game. Sue me)
OVERALL: 28-30-2