Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

What goes up must come down.  Whenever I come close to getting over .500, I am beset by a tough week.  This one wasn't too bad, though I did miss my first No Doubter.  We can rebound.  Let's get over the hump!

Minnesota (+8.5) at Green Bay: Teddy Bridgewater is looking pretty good.  The Pack trounced the Bears last week though.  I'm thinking the Vikings run game can keep this one within eight points.  PICK: Minnesota

Chicago (+2.5) at Carolina: Two unpredictable teams.  The Panthers backfield is a mess.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (+2) at Tennessee: Koey's favorite team steamrolled the Chiefs in week one, and have been getting steamrolled ever since.  PICK: Browns

St. Louis (+7) at Philadelphia:  I am worried about this game.  I played a little left guard in my high school days; the Iggs could probably use me.  PICK: St. Louis

Atlanta (+4) at NYG: The Falcons fell flat last week against the Vikings after dismantling the Bucs.  The NYG beat up on the hapless Skins.  Both teams play towards the mean this week.  PICK: Atlanta

Tampa Bay (+10.5) at New Orleans: The Saints haven't played this badly since they infamously cornered the Billy Joe market with QBs Billy Joe Hobert and Billy Joe Tolliver.  A genius strategy that never really panned out.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Houston (+6) at Dallas: Dallas is surprising everybody right now.  We will see if they can keep it up in the second half of the season.  PICK: Houston

Buffalo (+7) at Detroit: Buffalo is in full swan song mode now.  They have sacrificed their franchise image by starting Kyle Orton's face at QB.  PICK: Detroit

Baltimore (+3.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck has put two incredible games together.  Now he will play against a decent defense.  PICK: Indianapolis

Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Jacksonville: Jacksonville is inept.  However, Jacksonville can rejoice in the new ruling that NFL games that are not sold out cannot be blacked out on TV anymore.  Or maybe they didn't want to be subject to Jags games.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Arizona (+7) at Denver: The Phoenix Cardinals are a mighty 3-0.  They are away from the desert this week though.  Can Drew Stanton keep up with Peyton Manning? PICK: Denver

Kansas City (+6) at San Francisco: Big win for Fat Andy on Monday night.  San Francisco is on the upswing after a comeback win against the Iggs though.  PICK: San Francisco

NYJ (+6.5) at San Diego: Gotta like the Chahguhs in this one.  The Jets wavering between Geno and Michael Vick makes me happier than anyone will ever know.  PICK: San Diego

Cincinnati (-1) at New England: Tom Brady is getting beaten up in the pocket worse than Bart when he had to wear corrective shoes, rub a medicated salve into his scalp, and spray his throat for two weeks straight.  I'd like to think they shock the world this week, but I don't see it happening.  PICK: Cincy

Seattle (-7) at Washington: Seattle coming off a bye week, with the Skins having gotten steamrolled by the Giants.  This has all the making of a disaster.  Make this my NO DOUBTER, and I furthermore guarantee Desean Jackson does not show up in this game.  PICK: Seattle

LAST WEEK: 5-6-1 (forgot the GB-CHI game. Sue me)
OVERALL: 28-30-2

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