Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a mediocre week last week we are at .500 on the nose going into week seven.  It could be better, but it could be worse.  A few teams have burned me after I showed faith in them.  They will be mocked and ridiculed this week.  To the games!

NYJ (+9.5) at NEP: The NEP put a beat down on the Bills last week, and the NYJ got smacked by Denver.  Moose was in attendance for the last Thursday night game in New England between the Pats and the Jets, and went home rain soaked and disappointed by a gunslinging NYJ offense in overtime.  I think the NEP win, but 9.5 is too rich for my blood.  PICK: NYJ

Cincinnati (+3) at Indianapolis: Indy is firing on all cylinders, and Cincy just tied the Panthers.  It seems like the Bengals are involved in every tie there is.  PICK: Indy

Tennessee (+5.5) at Washington: I think I am done picking the Titans.  They are just not any good.  Neither are the Skins, though.  PICK: Washington

Miami (+3) at Chicago: Ugh I hate picking both of these teams.  PICK: Chicago

Cleveland (-5.5) at Jacksonville:  I can't believe the Brownies are performing so well without the Chud.  The team will eventually realize they should be with him and not their new coach.  Right now Chud probably feels a lot like Santa's Little Helper after Bart let him live with the blind guy and kept Laddie instead.  PICK: Cleveland

Seattle (-7) at St. Louis: Jared Cook's garbage time 10 yard catch defeated my fantasy time by one point last week.  Seattle, please steamroll the Rams.  PICK: Seattle

Carolina (+7) at Green Bay: Green Bay either steamrolls or disappoints.  They cost me a No Doubter last week.  PICK: Carolina

Atlanta (+7) at Baltimore:  Atlanta can go suck a railroad spike.  They are the biggest garbage team ever assembled.  No defense, and an offense full of divas.  Baltimore is gonna smack em around in the Charm City this weekend.  Fire that stupid white-haired/black-eyebrowed coach of yours too.  PICK: Baltimore

Minnesota (+5.5) at Buffalo: Minnesota, I'm done with you as well.  Gimme Kyle Orton and that big beautiful face of his!  PICK: Buffalo

New Orleans (+3) at Detroit: My grandfather once told me, "If you ever get New Orleans and points, take it."  My grandfather also once told me, "Zolak will be the starter for the Patriots by the end of the season.  Remember I said that."  I did.  PICK: New Orleans

Kansas City (+4) at San Diego: Kansas City is too caught up in Royals fever to care about this game.  San Diego will take it.  PICK: San Diego

NYG (+6.5) at Dallas: Are the Giants that bad?  Is Dallas that good?  I'm starting to worry.  PICK: Dallas

Arizona (-3.5) at Oakland:  Another win in the desert for the Cardinals last week.  Meanwhile Tony Sparano employed the old buried football to get the Raiders to play an inspired game against San Diego.  The Cardinals defense will not let Derek Carr throw four touchdowns, to be sure.  NO DOUBTER city right here.  PICK: Cardinals

San Francisco (+6.5) at Denver: Tough matchup here.  I don't think SF has enough firepower though.  PICK: Denver

Houston (+3.5) at Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh doth protest too much.  PICK: Houston

OVERALL: 44-44-2

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