Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Bookies are on the run after Moose blew them away with his picks last week.  A 9-4 week puts us squarely in the black on the season.  Let's keep a good thing going this week!

Cleveland (+6.5) at Cincinnati: Two easy home games in a row for the Brownies.  I think they get pasted by the Bengals in Cincy tonight.  PICK: Cincy

Dallas (-6.5) at London Jaguars: No Romo presumably for Dallas.  They should still have enough to beat evil billionaire Shahid Khan and his London Jaguars.  By the way, the Jaguars would be the perfect team to send to London.  They wouldn't even have to change their name.  PICK: Dallas

Miami (+2.5) at Detroit: Where did Miami come from?  A strong defense has keyed a 5-3 start for them.  Where did Detroit come from?  I take great pride in knowing that Jim Schwartz was the reason that they stunk so much.  I suppose I will take Miami here.  PICK: Miami

Kansas City (-2) at Buffalo: Barf.  PICK: Buffalo

San Francisco (+5) at New Orleans: A very important game for these two teams.  San Francisco has had a few of them so far and has responded.  Maybe Harbaugh has become too much for them though.  PICK: San Francisco

Tennessee (+9.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore got waxed by the red hot Stillers last week, but they play well in the trust tree; that is to say, the nest.  I like them to beat up the lowly Titans.  PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh (-5) at NYJ: Should be a nice atmosphere in East Rutherford weekend.  It will be the height of boo bird season as Rex gets stomped again.  Especially tough for Jets fans will be seeing the Sanchize lead the Eagles on to victory.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Atlanta (-2.5) at Tampa Bay: Two garbage teams.  Watching this game would be more brutal than when Santa's Little Helper was forced to watch videos of dogs being beaten with newspapers.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Denver (-11.5) at Oakland:  Oaktown hung tough against the Seahawks last week, putting another No Doubter in the win column for Moose.  They will not be able to stop, or stay with Denver's offense though.  PICK: Denver

St. Louis (+7) at Arizona: The Rams pass rush broke out last week.  This week they are in the desert though.  The desert is as tough as any place to play, as we know.  Robert Quinn will be tripping on peyote by halftime.  PICK: Arizona

NYG (+9) at Seattle: The Giants aren't looking too good, and now their receivers have the dropsies.  The only cure is to go back to the "GIANTS" helmet and the white pants permanently.  PICK: Seattle

Chicago (+7.5) at Green Bay: Chicago really f'd themselves over banking on the combination of Trestman and Cutler.  Green Bay is going to squash them like a bug.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  When Moose talks, people listen.  PICK: Green Bay

Carolina (+6.5) at Philadelphia: Carolina has been crummy this year.  However, we are talking about the Sanchize here.  Moreover, defensive captain Demeco Ryans was lost for the season last week.  I still like the Iggs, but in a close one.  PICK: Carolina

OVERALL: 60-56-2

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