Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Nothing special from Moose last week at 7-6, but you can't go broke making a profit.  I'll take anything above .500 after a big week the previous week.  Let's try and sustain the momentum for a third straight week.

Buffalo (+4.5) at Miami: Methinks the magic man Kyle Orton is beginning to show his ugly face again.  PICK: Miami

Houston (+3) at Cleveland: Break up the Brownies.  I'm really sad for the Chud right now.  This match has been dubbed "Brady Backup Bowl" but I think Mallett has a two cent head to back up that million dollar arm.  PICK: Cleveland

Minnesota (+3) at Chicago: God I love how right I am about Chicago.  Moose had them penciled in to get smacked last week, and sure enough Cutler and Co. surpassed my wildest expectations.  They are at home this week, but I still think they struggle against the Vikes.  PICK: Minnesota

Philadelphia (+6) at Green Bay: Both teams absolutely annihilated very bad teams last week.  Neither is that good, but this will be a good litmus test for each team.  I will take the Packers since they are at home.  PICK: Green Bay

Seattle (+1.5) at Kansas City:  Not an easy No Doubter in the lot, but I like my chances with this one.  The defending champs haven't looked great this year, but are still 6-3.  There is also blood in the water in the NFC West since Carson Palmer went down.  I'll take them with points on the road against the Chiefs, who are riding a less than impressive four game win streak.  NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Seattle

Atlanta (+1.5) at Carolina: Killa Cam looked terrible on Monday night and is clearly not healthy.  This is a battle between two coaches who will not be coaching next season.  PICK: Atlanta

Cincinnati (+7) at New Orleans: I don't think I've seen a quarterback play worse than Andy Dalton did last week.  Look for Breesy and the boys to run over the Bengals this week and stay atop the measly NFC South.  PICK: New Orleans

Tampa Bay (+7) at Washington: And we thought Tampa Bay versus Atlanta was bad last week.  This game is going to be the equivalent of watching Selma and Hans Moleman's kids running around on a football field.  PICK: Washington

Denver (-9.5) at St. Louis: The Rams going back to the Shaun Hill Gang (RIP Big Bank Hank) means that Denver should win pretty convincingly.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (-4) at NYG: Big win by the Niners last week called by Moose.  They should roll the G-Men this week.  PICK: San Francisco (h/t Dump for the catch)

Oakland (+10) at San Diego: San Diego was the darling of the league only a few weeks ago.  Sparano buries the ball and the Raiders get their first win this week.  PICK: Oakland

Detroit (+2) at Arizona: No Carson for Arizona.  This week we see the true power that lies in the desert.  PICK: Arizona

NEP (+3) at Indianapolis: Indianapolis has looked good since their 0-2 start.  But got exposed by Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.  I think Touchdown Tommy is playing chess, while Luck is still playing checkers.  PICK: NEP

Pittsburgh (-6) at Tennessee: The Steelers have gotta be pissed at losing to the Jets last week.  The poor Titans can't catch a break.  PICK: BLITZburgh


OVERALL: 67-62-2


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