Thursday, December 11, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another week in the black last week.  I'll take it.  If we could put those together every week, we'd all be giving advice in Vegas now.  Not to mention, another No Doubter in the books for all you big money gamblers.  I expect my holiday gifts from all of you any day now.  Let's get into this week with some crucial games on the slate.

Arizona (+4.5) at St. Louis: St. Louis is making some late season noise.  I know we are not in the desert, but I can't turn down the Cardinals and points.  PICK: Arizona

Oakland (+10) at Kansas City: Fat Andy is not gonna get embarrassed at home by the Raiders.  But can the Raiders keep it within ten?  Sure.  PICK: Oakland

Jacksonville (+13.5) at Baltimore: Baltimore looks like they are making a playoff push.  Wouldn't want to face them in a first round game.  PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Atlanta: The Steelers have been extremely inconsistent this year.  Some big wins followed by inexplicable losses.  Atlanta looks like they might want to take the NFC South by something more than default.  PICK: Atlanta

Houston (+6.5) at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck is getting beaten up worse than Martin Prince did when he wore his Wang Computers shirt on the bus.  You can bet JJ Watt will be all over him on Sunday.  PICK: Houston

Cincinnati (+1) at Cleveland: Johnny Football making his debut in the Dawg Pound.  Any other time, I would vomit at the thought of this game, but this is must see TV.  This could also be the high-water mark of the Browns franchise.  In typical Cleveland fashion, I like them to get stomped.  PICK: Cincy

Miami (+7.5) at NEP: I think BB and the NEP can smell the finish line. If they can win this game it is pretty much all over.  7.5 is a lot to give though.  I expect a big game from Gronk.  PICK: NEP

Tampa Bay (+3) at Carolina: I don't think Cam is playing.  Does that help or hurt Carolina?  PICK: Carolina

Washington (+6.5) at NYG: Washington on pace for another RG3-13 season.  PICK: NYG

Green Bay (-5) at Buffalo: It is unbelievable that Green Bay is only favored by five here, but they are a different team on the road.  All three of their losses have come on the road, and a few narrow wins against the likes of the Dolphins and Vikings.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll take Buffalo.  Probably wishful thinking more than anything.  PICK: Buffalo

Minnesota (+8) at Detroit: The Vikings are improving, but I think Detroit can take them at home.  PICK: Detroit

NYJ (-2) at Tennessee: Imagine having to watch this game.  PICK: NYJ

Denver (-4) at San Diego: Denver's offense is finally healthy again.  The loss of pussy punter Mike Scifres will hurt the Chargers more than they think.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (+10) at Seattle: I thought San Francisco would bounce back and crush the Raiders after that loss to Seattle two weeks ago.  Now they lose again and the season is pretty much over. I have a feeling Seattle puts them out of their misery and demolishes them.  Make it my No Doubter. PICK: Seattle

Dallas (+3.5) at Philadelphia: Dez Bryant did not show up on Thanksgiving.  Even if he does on Sunday, I don't think it matters.  The Iggs can't beat the tough teams, but will handle Dallas.  Fletcher Cox is going to engulf Romo.  PICK: Philadelphia

New Orleans (-3) at Chicago: Who wants the NFC South?  I have no clue.  I think Brees can pick apart the Bears brutal secondary though.  PICK: New Orleans

LAST WEEK: 8-7-1
OVERALL: 88-87-3

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