Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another 8-7-1 week for Moose.  Hey, no complaints.  In the life of a get rich quick day trader, we would call the last two weeks "melting up."  I'm also particularly happy with my Andrew Luck Wang Computers photoshop from last week.  Although, I am unhappy that I switched my No Doubter from the Broncos to the Seahawks at the last minute.  Traded a win for a tie.  Foolish, Moose.  Foolish.  Let's get into week 16.

Tennessee (+3.5) at Jacksonville:  Wow.  Coming out of the gate with this one, huh?  Forget about all the lousy games they have had all season; this game being televised by itself with no other football games to switch to is why Thursday night football should be abolished.  PICK:  Tennessee

San Diego (+1) at San Francisco: Have we ever seen a regression as far and fast as Colin Kaepernick's?  The 9ers are proving my Super Bowl losing coach theory very well.  PICK: San Diego

Philadelphia (-8) at Washington: The Stinkin' Losers lost control of their playoff destiny last week with a particularly ugly loss to Dallas.  I think they bounce back this week, only because it is Washington.  They are dead in the water if they make the playoffs.  I need Foles back worse than Mr/. Burns needs his beloved teddy bear Bobo.  Or like Homer needs Sherriff Lobo.  PICK: Philadelphia

Minnesota (+6.5) at Miami: Minnesota's defense seems pretty stout.  I'll keep going to the well with them.  A discussion I had with my GroupMe group "Workaholics"; we need to see "30 for 30: Vikings Sex Boat Cruise."  PICK: Minnesota

Green Bay (-10.5) at Tampa Bay: Really proud of myself for picking that Bills/Packers upset last week.  Green Bay goes on the road again this week, but against a team with much less to play for.  PICK: Green Bay

Detroit (-9) at Chicago: The Iggs could use Chicago's help to get into the playoffs.  That went out the window with the announcement that Jimmy Clausen is starting.  I don't disrespect the move though.  The Bears are just one year late on realizing how big of a bum Cutler is.  PICK: Detroit

Atlanta (+6) at New Orleans: Somebody please make this division seem respectable.  PICK: New Orleans

NEP (-10) at NYJ: Not as easy of a game as it appears.  The NYJ always give the NEP a tough game even when they suck.  I would love to see BB put Rex out of his misery this game.  PICK: NEP

Kansas City (+3) at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is rising with Le'veon Bell.  PICK: Pittsburgh

Cleveland (+3.5) at Carolina: Inauspicious first start for Johnny Football.  I don't see him doing much better this week.  PICK: Carolina

Baltimore (-5) at Houston: I believe it is either Case Keenum of Thad Lewis starting this week for Houston.  I believe I have a No Doubter of the week.  PICK: Baltimore

NYG (+5.5) at St. Louis: The Shaun Hill gang is ousted from the playoffs, but Jeff Fisher will keep them improving with a W this week.  PICK: St. Louis

Buffalo (-6) at Oakland: Huge win for Buffalo last week. Do they keep it up, or do they do what Buffalo does?  PICK: Buffalo

Indianapolis (+3) at Dallas: Dallas is undefeated on the road, and 3-4 at home.  I'll take Andy Luck and the Colts to steamroll them, setting up the Stinkin' Losers to get demolished at home in the playoffs.  PICK: Indy

Seattle (-8) at Arizona: It is going to take all the magic in the desert for the Cardinals to come away with this one.  Ryan Lindley starting against the hottest team in the league.  Even I can't pick the Cardinals here, and I hate myself everyday because of it.  PICK: Seattle

Denver (-3) at Cincinnati: Cincy looked good last week.  Logic says they will look bad this week.  PICK: Denver

LAST WEEK: 8-7-1
OVERALL: 96-94-4

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