Sunday, December 28, 2014

Moose's Weekly Picks

Rough week for Moose in the second to last week of the season.  I need to come up big in week 17 in order to get back to .500.  I think we have clearly learned through our three years of doing this, that the bookies in Vegas who set the spread know very well what they are doing.  All we can do is try our best going forward.

Detroit (+7.5) at Green Bay: Detroit has a stout defense, and maybe Green Bay has been figured out a little bit?  PICK: Detroit

Jacksonville (+7.5) at Houston:  Maybe Blake Bortles is starting to turn the corner a little bit?  PICK: Jacksonville

Cincinnati (+3.5) at Pittsburgh: This game is for the division, but Cincy is a little dinged up.  I guess I'll take Pittsburgh?  PICK: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis (-7.5) at Tennessee: The Colts have been exposed the last few weeks.  They have nothing to gain, so maybe they don't show up today?  PICK: Tennessee

Cleveland (+13.5) at Baltimore: Has Johnny Manziel destroyed the Browns mojo?  PICK: Baltimore

Buffalo (+6) at NEP: The NEP have already wrapped everything up, and the last thing they want is injuries to key players.  I'm assuming we will see a lot of Jimmy Garropolo today?  PICK: Buffalo

NYJ (+6.5) at Miami: I'm guessing Rex wins this one and spins it to make himself look like a martyr of some sort?  I can already see he jogging off the field with his arm raised in a symbolic gesture.  He is just a bad person.  PICK: NYJ

Carolina (+3) at Atlanta: Has there ever been such a meaningful bad football game?  PICK: Atlanta

Chicago (+7) at Minnesota: Is Jay Cutler auditioning for a new team this offseason?  Please don't be the Iggs!  PICK: Minnesota

San Diego (+2) at Kansas City: Watch out for the Chargers?  BOLT UP.  PICK: San Diego

Stinkin' Losers (+1) at NYG: What will the the stinking' losers do this offseason?  A lot of changes in store for two teams going in very different directions.  One thing is for sure, Mark Sanchez' career has about the same arc as the "I didn't do it" boy.  PICK: NYG (No Doubter)

Dallas (-5.5) at Washington:  I guess only stinkin' losers lose to Washington?  PICK: Dallas

New Orleans (-4.5) at Tampa Bay: How much does New Orleans miss Sproles and Malcolm Jenkins?  PICK: Tampa

St. Louis (+11.5) at Seattle: Does any team want to play Seattle right now?  I think the Rams will give them a run though.  PICK: St. Louis

Arizona (+6.5) at San Francisco: Can Ryan Lindley throw a touchdown?  Doubtful.  PICK: San Francisco

Oakland (+14) at Denver: Can Denver get healthy before the playoffs?  What's wrong with Peyton?  PICK: Oakland

OVERALL: 102-104-4

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