Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

Here we are in week three.  Some teams are who we thought they were, to borrow a quote from my good friend Denny Green, and some are completely different.  A strong finish to last week's picks put Moose in the black for the week and the season, even though we got burned on a No Doubter. All in all, I'll take it.  In other housekeeping news, you might notice that the normal MWP logo is not up today.  Moose the Patriot was posted in honor of another good friend of mine not named Denny Green.  Phil Daley is currently in the midst of a 10 day hike from Massachusetts to Canada in order to raise awareness and contributions for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.  He took that picture at a stop along the way, and you can follow his journey on his website Be sure to check out his daily blog replete with photos, and don't be a cheapskate and drop in a few shekels to the cause if you can.  Now, let's get back to the lecture at hand.

WASHINGTON (+3.5) at NYG: Tough game to call.  The G-Men have lost two heartbreakers at the end of the game, but the fact that they have been in the lead against both teams is a good sign.  The Redskins were my pick to be laughingstock of the league, then somehow dismissed the Rams in week two.  I think the fact that it is a home game has me leaning towards the NYG.  PICK: NYG

PITTSBURGH (-1.5) at ST. LOUIS: Speaking of the devil, here we have St. Louis back at home where they beat the Seahawks in week one.  I am going to chalk that up to knowing their divisional opponent more than being a really good team.  Big Ben also gets a weapon back in the form of L'eveon Bell.  As if I needed another reason to pick Big Ben.  PICK: Blitzburgh

SAN DIEGO (+2.5) at MINNESOTA: The battle of the two teams that have beaten the Lions and looked bad in their other respective games.  San Diego's defense needs to show me what they are made of on the road.  PICK: Minnesota

TAMPA BAY (+6.5) at HOUSTON: This Texans defense has been all bark and no bite so far.  I also don't think the debate between Mallett or Hoyer is relevant, because they are both not gonna take you too far.  Houston is a possible landing spot for Robert Griffin III in my opinion.  Would make a lot of sense.  Meanwhile, Famous Jameis has no regard for human life and is scoring touchdowns like they are going out of style.  Somebody needs to start a Famous Jameis touchdown counter to keep track of all of them.  Wait, I am just the Moose to do it.  PICK: Tampa

PHILADELPHIA (+2.5) at NYJ: You can't play the game that the Iggs played last week and ever expect to have anybody bet on you the next week.  That was downright pitiful.  Worst game I have ever watched.  Let me recap the Eagles possessions for you: Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Blocked Punt for TD, Punt, Int, Field Goal, Fumble, Int, Touchdown in garbage time.  Enough said?  PICK: NYJ

NEW ORLEANS (+6.5) at CAROLINA: Boy the Saints don't look too good at all.  I think that Jimmy Graham trade hurt both teams, as football trades often do.  Now Drew Brees is dealing with a bum rotator cuff but will try to play.  Sounds like home cooking with some Carolina rice.  PICK: North Carolina

JACKSONVILLE (+13.5) at NEP: Our first monster spread of the season.  The Jags defense averages 20 points per game allowed, the Pats offense averages 34 points per game scored.  This game is in New England.  I'll take the NEP despite the points.  This could be one of those games where BB and Brady prove a point to the rest of the league.  PICK: NEP

CINCINNATI (+2.5) at BALTIMORE: Baltimore has looked pretty bad so far, especially last week against the Raiders of all teams.  They ruined my No Doubter while they were at it.  It is tempting to take 2-0 Cincy and the points, but I think the Ravens will out-coach the Bengals and the crowd will be rocking for the home opener.  PICK: Baltimore

OAKLAND (+3.5) at CLEVELAND: A lot of pundits are crushing the Browns for benching John Football once again, but I think I understand it.  I won't understand it if one bad series or game leads them to putting him right back in.  Coach Pettine wants a steady qb.  That is what he had with Hoyer and that is what he will get from McCown.  Score just enough points for the defense.  Tampa Bay Bucs '02-'03 baby (sheds tear).  PICK: Cleveland

INDIANAPOLIS (-3) at TENNESSEE: Plucky Luck has looked egregious so far, and Indianapolis is another one of the surprising 0-2 teams.  Could Pagano be fired in week three if they don't win?  I doubt it, but he and Chip Kelly are in the same boat.  Both of them reshuffled their offense in the offseason, and both of them have average at best defenses.  Mix in some turnovers with that and you've got a recipe for something more disgusting than Homer Simpson's cloves/tom collins mix/pie crust special.  Let's go find mom.  PICK: TENNESSEE

ATLANTA (-1.5) at DALLAS: Big D is 2-0 so far, but the injuries have got to catch up with them.  Brandon Weeden for a whole game is much different than Brandon Weeden for one and a half quarters up by 10 points.  Atlanta has also proven they can play good defense and make plays to win at the end of the game.  PICK: Hotlanta

SAN FRANCISCO (+6.5) at ARIZONA: Let's take a look at the checklist:

  1. Carson Palmer is playing.  He is 14-2 as the Cardinals starter.
  2. The 49ers got embarrassed on the road by Pittsburgh last week.
  3. We are in the desert
Sounds like a check mate for Arizona.  Abandon hope all ye who enter here.  PICK: Arizona

CHICAGO (+14.5) at SEATTLE: What did I say about Seattle last week?  Oh yeah; "I think the Pack put them at 0-2 for the season.  Pray for the Bears in Seattle in week three."  Throw into that mix that Jimmy Clausen is starting for the Bears now.  This is a huge line, but I am making it my NO DOUBTER for this week.  Home opener in Seattle, Kam Chancellor back in the lineup, and Jimmy Clausen and the Bears coming to town.  PICK: Seattle

BUFFALO (+3) at MIAMI: Miami hasn't wowed at all this season.  They squeaked by the Skins in week one, then lost to hapless Jacksonville in week two.  Now there has been some talk of dissension among the ranks already.  Mark my words; Philbin is gone after this season.  They have given him all the pieces and he screws up every year.  PICK: Buffalo

DENVER (-3) at DETROIT: ANOTHER surprising 0-2 team.  If you had told me that Philly, Seattle, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Detroit would all be 0-2 before the season started I would have said "HEH?"  More surprisingly, Denver is winning games with their defense.  Kind of like they did when they had that other quarterback.  You know, the guy who John Elway kicked aside in favor of perennial playoff goat Peyton Manning.  Anyway, the Broncos have been getting lucky so far.  I'll take the Lions in their home opener, but will probably regret it.  PICK: Detroit

KANSAS CITY (+6.5) at GREEN BAY: Rodgers is god-like at home.  I'll take the Pack by a touchdown.  PICK: Green Bay

OVERALL: 16-15-1

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