Thursday, October 1, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

What a week!  Moose was hitting on picks early and often last week en route to a 10-6 record and another No Doubter slammed home with authority.  I took the teams giving up a lot of points and didn't look back, and it paid off in the end.  Now we are into week four and have some good divisional matchups on our hands.  These are always hard to judge, but that's why they play the game.  Take me to the river!

BALTIMORE (-3) at PITTSBURGH: No Big Ben for Pittsburgh is the biggest factor here, but as Monty G would say "Mike Vick is in da house!"  Baltimore has been playing like trash lately, but I think they get one in the win column here on Thursday night.  Vick hasn't had much time to prepare and the 'Vens are desperate. PICK: Baltimore

NYJ (-1.5) at MIAMI: I am all aboard the Fire Philbin Express after that debacle against Buffalo last week.  I also love the delicious irony of Richie Incognito being part and parcel of such a bullying by the Bills.  Somewhere, Jonathan Martin is suing a TCBY for serving his frogurt too cold.  The Jets lost to the Iggs, but should be able to beat this lowly team in foggy Londontown.  PICK: NYJ

JACKSONVILLE (+9) at INDIANAPOLIS: Plucky Luck and the boys got their first win last week against Tennessee and showed that they have some fight in them after all.  Meanwhile Jacksonville was throttled by the Pats.  I don't see them stopping the Colts at all.  PICK: Indiana

HOUSTON (+6.5) at ATLANTA: The Falcons have feasted on the NFC East for the first three weeks.  Houston will provide a different test as they focus on the run game.  However I think the Falcons will win in the Dome.  PICK: Hotlanta

CAROLINA (-3) at TAMPA BAY: I am actually pretty excited about this game.  Two of the star black quarterbacks in the game facing off.  Carolina has a stingy defense, which will make life difficult for Famous Jameis.  I think he is looking to make up for a stinky game last week though.  The Famous Jameis TD Counter should be rolling closer to 39 this weekend.  PICK: Tampa

NYG (+5.5) at BUFFALO: The NYG had a timely win against the Redskins last week, and are on nine days rest.  For Buffalo, I keep coming back to Tyrod Taylor.  There is no way he leads you to the promised land.  PICK: NYG

OAKLAND (-3) at CHICAGO: The 0-3 Bears have already started to dismantle their team.  Quickest I have ever seen it happen.  I guess that will happen when you get outscored 74-23 over the previous two weeks.  Meanwhile, with Derek Carr at the helm the autumn wind sure seems like a Raider.  PICK: Oakland

PHILADELPHIA (-3) at WASHINGTON: Well, the Iggs showed me something last week but they still didn't look to be at a high gear on offense.  I like this matchup though, as Washington will try to run the ball, but the Eagles run defense has been stout.  Maybe the 'Skins lackluster pass defense will help the Iggs get going on offense.  PICK: Philly

KANSAS CITY (+4) at CINCINNATI: Andy Reid has been showing vintage head coaching form with bad clock management and questionable decisions.  Meanwhile, Cincy just keeps on rolling.  Four points in the Jungle isn't going to help Fat Andy.  PICK: Cincy

CLEVELAND (+7.5) at SAN DIEGO: We have a full blown quarterback controversy in Cleveland.  Although I think we can all agree most of their losses stem from them not being very good, or the curse of the Chud.  7.5 is a good amount to give up for the Chargers, but I think they will take care of it at home.  PICK: San Diego

GREEN BAY (-8.5) at SAN FRANCISCO: My bold prediction for this game is that Rodgers throws his first interception of the year.  It won't matter though, because Kaepernick will probably throw about four picks, and the Pack will win by about 17 points.  PICK: Green Bay

MINNESOTA (+6.5) at DENVER: The Broncos looked pretty good last week, as did the Vikings.  I don't like the Vikes on the road though.  The warship does not travel well over land.  Peyton will pick them apart.  PICK: Broncos

ST. LOUIS (+7) at ARIZONA: Do I even need to say anything?  Just to prove a point, I will make it my NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Arizona

DALLAS (+4) at NEW ORLEANS: The Superdome has lost its significance as this Saints team has fallen off the map.  On paper, they look like the same team that won the Super Bowl a few years back.  But with some bad coaching moves and signings, they are crumbling from the inside; much like the Flanders' house after it was rebuilt after the hurricane (no Katrina pun intended).  I think Dallas would be advised to simply run over the Saints defense, and will probably be able to retain their lead in the NFC East this week.  They were still able to put up 28 points last week despite missing Romo and Dez.  I think they have no problem doing that against the 'Aints. PICK: Dallas

DETROIT (+10) at SEATTLE: I took Seattle giving up big points at home last week.  I guess I should let it ride and take them again.  Detroit hasn't looked very good at all this year, and has committed many turnovers.  The Seahawks should feast on that, especially with all the "12s" going crazy.  That is officially the stupidest nickname in all of sports.  PICK: Seattle

OVERALL: 26-21-1

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