Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

What goes up must come down.  Spinning wheel, round and round.  5-8-1 and a botched No Doubter last week.  Always hurtling towards mediocrity.  Here we go for week seven.

SEATTLE (-6.5) at SAN FRANCISCO: Seattle is sitting at 2-4 right now.  This is the week that decides if Seattle is a contender once again, or yet another Super Bowl loser that falls off the map the following season.  I think they come out angry this week.  PICK: Seattle

BUFFALO (-4) at JACKSONVILLE: The London Jaguars have never won a game at their home stadium.  I expect that trend to continue.  I can't imagine what the Brits think football is after being subjected to the Jags every year.  PICK: Buffalo

CLEVELAND (+6) at ST. LOUIS: The Rams have looked pedestrian against everybody but their powerful division rivals.  Cleveland played the Broncs tough last week and are on the upswing.  PICK: Cleveland

PITTSBURGH (-2.5) at KANSAS CITY: Pittsburgh took down the mighty Cardinals last week with Landry Jones at quarterback.  Their offense is almost back to full health, while the Chefs are sputtering with no Jamaal Charles.  PICK: Pittsburgh

NYJ (+9) at NEP: Game of the week right here.  The Pitter Pats didn't lay the beatdown that everyone expected on Indy last week, and division games are usually pretty close.  NYJ is also coming off of a bye week and their defense should be completely in tact (and COMPLETELY WATERPROOF!). I'll take the NYJ and the points here.  PICK: NYJ

MINNESOTA (-2.5) at DETROIT: The Lions got into the win column last week, but Minnesota's defense is starting to hit its stride here.  What in the world happened to the Lions high-powered offense?  PICK: Minnesota

ATLANTA (-4.5) at TENNESSEE: Looks like no Marcus Mariota in this one.  I'm not sure if last week for Atlanta was just a Thursday night dud, or a sign that they are not actually that good.  I will bet on the Thursday night dud though.  PICK: Hotlanta

TAMPA BAY (+3.5) at WASHINGTON: Can Jameis show a new side after the bye week?  I have no doubt that he can.  Does that mean I make this my No Doubter?  No.  Hit me with the counter!  PICK: Tampa Bay

NEW ORLEANS (+4.5) at INDIANAPOLIS: The Colts are beginning to round into form I think.  New Orleans got a big win last week, but that was in the dome.  Look for Plucky Luck to reassert himself as a good quarterback this week.  PICK: Indiana

HOUSTON (+4) at MIAMI: The Phins came out with a vengeance under new coach Dan Campbell.  They actually ran the ball too, which was a godsend to take pressure off of Tannehill.  I think they keep it rolling this week, and I shall choose them as my NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Miami

OAKLAND (+4) at SAN DIEGO: I really enjoy watching the Chargers play.  Big Phil Rivers chucks it all over the field, but then somehow get stymied in the red zone every time.  It doesn't make sense.  Methinks it has to do with the running game.  I'll take them this week after a frustrating loss to Green Bay last week.  PICK: San Diego

DALLAS (+3.5) at NYG: God the NYG looked bad last week.  It seems like the Iggs are the only team that can do that to them though.  There ain't no way that Dallas and their achy-breaky offense musters anything against this defense.  Note to Dallas fans: if you are excited about Matt Cassel being promoted to starter, then you're gonna have a bad time.  PICK: NYG

PHILADELPHIA (+3) at CAROLINA: The Panthers defense is pretty stout, as is the Iggs.  Both offenses leave something to be desired.  This should be game of the week 2.0.  Cam usually comes up big in the prime time games, and the Panthers usually get home cooking from the refs in Bank of America Stadium.  Those facts swing this one to the 'thers.  PICK: Carolina Ribs

BALTIMORE (+7.5) at ARIZONA: Live look at John Harbaugh:

PICK: Arizona

LAST WEEK: 5-8-1
OVERALL: 45-42-4

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