Thursday, November 12, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

Yuck.  A 5-8 week last week has Moose ready to move on to week 10 of the NFL slate.  The Titans have my head in a mental pretzel once again.  I can't stand that team and I vote that they are the team to move to Los Angeles.  My mind is weary from even thinking about having to pick the Titans game, but I will have to muddle through somehow.  Let's take a look at some interesting games this week.

BUFFALO (+2.5) at NYJ: The NYJ had to scurry to beat the Jags last week, while Buffalo stomped out madman Dan Campbell and the Phins.  The Bills will no doubt want to help Big Rex stick it to his former team and Rex seems to do well in these types of games, but I think the Jets at home with a healthy squad will prevail.  PICK: NYJ

DETROIT (+11) at GREEN BAY: How on Earth did Jim Caldwell survive the ax in last week's head-rolling in Detroit?  The guy inspires 0 confidence in anybody and is expressionless.  Furthermore, he is depriving us of one of the greatest possible coaching regimes in the history of the NFL!  Gimme the Pack to heal some of their offensive woes at home and rout the Lions.  Then maybe we will get to see this man at the helm.  PICK: Packers

DALLAS (+1.5) at TAMPA BAY: Dallas played pretty admirably against the Iggs last week, and Matt Cassel is starting to spread it around to many receivers.  The Bucs are playing better, but their defense is still a sieve.  I think Dallas gets their first win of the Cassel Administration this week.  Hopefully Jameis proves me wrong though. PICK: Dallas

CAROLINA (-5.5) at TENNESSEE: Ugh.  Here we go.  Here is my logic for this week: the Titans actually haven't won a game at home all season.  The Panthers play well on the road because they have a good defense.  Seems logical right?  But then you throw in the Mularkey effect and Mariota coming off of a 4 td performance.  I gotta stick with my guns and take Carolina though.  This will be playing in my head all weekend.  PICK: Panthers

CHICAGO (+7.5) at ST. LOUIS:  The Rams play pretty well at home and the Bears have a crummy defense.  I see the Rams scoring roughly 26 points and the Bears scoring roughly 17.  PICK: Rams

NEW ORLEANS (-1) at WASHINGTON: The Skins got embarrassed by the Pats last week, and the Saints were confounded by those mind-bottling Titans.  This one is a toss up for me.  Heads its the Saints, tails its the Skins.  PICK: Washington

MIAMI (+6.5) at PHILADELPHIA: The Iggs showed me something last week.  They absolutely needed a touchdown in overtime and got it.  I wasn't going to play the field goal game.  It sounds funny saying this, but with rookie ILB Jordan Hicks out for the season with a torn booby the Iggs might have lost their defensive MVP.  That hurts.  However, I think the madman Campbell effect has worn off in Miami.  The offense does not scare me, and the defense is much weaker without Cameron Wake on the edge.  PICK: Iggs

CLEVELAND (+4.5) at PITTSBURGH: Big Ben is out again.  Landry Jones has played ok in his absence, but it's like, is life really worth living?  Johnathan Football says he missed a few throws last Thursday.  I don't know man.  This game kind of sucks in my opinion.  PICK: Cleveland

JACKSONVILLE (+5.5) at BALTIMORE: The Ravens defense sucks this year, and their offense keeps losing players.  With that said, the Jag-offs haven't won on the road all season.  This one is another toss up for me.  I guess I''l take the Jags.  Cut to Shahid Khan when he found out I picked the Jags.  PICK: Jags

MINNESOTA (+3) at OAKLAND: Are the Raiders legit?  God I hope so.  Silver and Black baby.  The world is a better place when the Raiders are good.  1984, 1985, 1990, 2000: All years that were pretty rad.  All years that the Raiders were good.  You can't argue with science.  Minnesota says Teddy Bridgewater will play, but he was snoozin' on the field on Sunday so that seems whack.  We are at the portion of the blog where I lose my focus.  If Bridgewater plays, I imagine it will look something like this.  PICK: Oaktown

KANSAS CITY (+6.5) at DENVER: Dandy Andy is coming off of a bye week.  He is 11-5 after a bye week.  Meanwhile the Broncs dropped one to Plucky Luck and the Colts in Indy last week.  This game is going to be closer than you might think.  I think the Broncos win, but not by 6.5.  How does that sound?  PICK: Kansas

NEP (-7) at NYG: Oh dolly talk about your game of the week.  The last time the Pats beat the Gints, we were young men at Giants Stadium watching Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the Patriots make history.  That was almost eight gall durn years ago.  Now our hair has grown short, our bellies have been bloated, the ravages of old age have set in, and the harvest is no longer as fruitful as in days past.  On paper, the Pats have been coasting through the NFL schedule all season long, and the Giants defense shouldn't be able to stop them.  However, the Pats are dealing with several key injuries this week.  Going by the theory that the Giants always play to the level of their competition, I am going to take them thinking that they will keep it close.  PICK: NYG

ARIZONA (+3) at SEATTLE: The Hawks swept the Cardinals without Carson last year, but won't have that luxury in 2015.  Carson is back and the Seahawks are no longer invincible at home.  Can the Cardinals take the NFC west by the throat this week?  I'm not so sure. PICK: Seattle

HOUSTON (+10.5) at CINCINNATI: Cincinnati is undefeated and is playing at home.  The Texans are 1-3 on the road, with that one win coming against Jacksonville.  Their other two wins are against the Mariota-less Titans and a week 3 Jameis.  Gotta think Cincy blows their doors off here.  Make it my NO DOUBTER.  PICK: Cincy

OVERALL: 65-61-6

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