Thursday, December 3, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

We're back to full power after a weird Thanksgiving week where I was banished to the basement to survive on only Mountain Dew and Funyuns.  In that primordial state of sensory deprivation, I was able to bear down on my picks however.  My prediction that Calvin Johnson would torch the Iggs secondary proved sublime, and MWP are back in the black overall.  Let's try to keep the momentum going with some tough to call matchups this week.

GREEN BAY (-3) at DETROIT: Green Bay has looked pretty blah as of late.  Their offense hasn't been revved up all season long, and their defense doesn't scare anyone.  I'll take the monsters of Motor City to keep it going this week.  PICK: Detroit

SAN FRANCISCO (+7) at CHICAGO: The Niners have not won on the road all season long.  I expect that trend to continue this week.  PICK: Chicago

CINCINNATI (-9.5) at CLEVELAND: Omg barf.  Does John Football see the field this week?  Trick question: nobody cares.  PICK: Cincy

JACKSONVILLE (+2.5) at TENNESSEE: Jacksonville has some spunk.  They are not just rolling over every game.  Tennessee I hate.  Therefore I will choose the Jags.  Look for big Julius Thomas to get loose in the red zone area.  PICK: JAX

HOUSTON (+3) at BUFFALO: The Bills are coming off of a tough three game road trip and need a big win at home.  The Texans have won four or five in a row despite my doubts about them.  Perhaps Big Vince has taken control of that locker room.  This is a tough call, but I will take Big Rex to keep his playoff hopes alive.  PICK: Buffalo

BALTIMORE (+4) at MIAMI: Baltimore stole a win last week in Cleveland, but still has Matt Schaub at qb.  Miami has looked dreadful the past few weeks though.  I still can't in good conscience bet on Schaub.  PICK: Miami

CAROLINA (-7) at NEW ORLEANS: Uncle Frank?  Is this a joke?  Seriously am I missing something here?  No Doubter.  PICK: Carolina

SEATTLE (pick em) at MINNESOTA: Two strong defenses and good running games.  This is a for sure toss up.  Seattle doesn't play well on the road, but methinks Minnesota is quite as good as their record would indicate.  PICK: Seattle

ARIZONA (-6) at ST. LOUIS: Seems like a home run, no-brainer for Arizona right?  Hold on there juuuuuuust a minute.  The Rams are 3-0 against the NFC West, and beat the Cardinals in the desert believe it or not.  I'll take the Rams and the points, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get blown out.  PICK: St. Louis

ATLANTA (+1.5) at TAMPA BAY: Everybody is jumping on Matt Ryan this week as if he has gotten off scot-free his whole career for the Falcons struggles.  Truth is, the whole team has stunk lately.  I don't see their troubles ending this week though.  Famous Jameis has that Bucs offense humming.  PICK: Tampa

NYG (+2) at NYJ: Koey's seeing double here!  No idea who to root for!  This is going to be a tougher decision for him than when Homer had to decide between Kodos or Kang for president.  PICK: NYG

SAN DIEGO (+4) at DENVER: This is Brock's tour; and now it's Brock's turn.  Ostreicher won a big game at home last week against the Pats with the help of some dubious penalties.  No matter though, easier game this week.  Should be a W for the Broncs.  PICK: Denver

KANSAS CITY (-3) at OAKLAND: Andy has got his boys on a winning streak.  I think they keep it going this week.  God I wish the Eagles had kept Maclin.  PICK: Kansas

PHILADELPHIA (+9.5) at NEP: The Pats are gonna dust em.  Doesn't matter who is injured.  If I had to pick somebody to have a big game, I would guess Blount.  PICK: NEP

INDIANAPOLIS (+7) at PITTSBURGH: The Hasselbeck show rolls on!  Big Ben is coming back from a concussion, but I think they finally put an end to the Hasselbeck reign of terror.  PICK: Pittsburgh

DALLAS (+4.5) at WASHINGTON: Is Washington really going to win the NFC East this year?  It's beginning to look that way.  Ugh.  PICK: Washington

LAST (2) WEEK(S): 16-13-1
OVERALL: 86-83-7

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