Thursday, December 24, 2015

Moose's Weekly Picks

What a week 15!  My guess is Vegas lost a few bucks last week, and will follow up with a tougher than normal week 16.  Let's try our very best to keep that momentum going though.  After all, it is the season of giving.

SAN DIEGO (+5.5) at OAKLAND: The Raiders have some very good pieces in place for the first time in a long time.  Silver and black coming back baby!  Meanwhile, San Diego basically only has a quarterback, and may have just played their last game in San Diego.  I'm feeling a let down for them this week.  PICK: Oakland

WASHINGTON (+3) at PHILADELPHIA: The Iggs got blown out by Arizona at home last week, but I really didn't think they played that badly (on offense at least).  The Skins meanwhile, are looking like they are worthy of the NFC East playoff spot.  I think this will be a close game, but Washington should be able to run over the Iggs, who are suffering from some key injuries on defense.  Live look at the Skins running game on Saturday night:

  PICK: Washington

NYG (+5.5) at MINNESOTA: Ladell Beckman is suspended for this game, which basically kills the Giants entire offense.  They battled valiantly against Carolina, but I think this game might be moot by the time it is played and the G-Men will fold.  At least Odell can fall back on his track background!  PICK: Minnesota

CHICAGO (+3) at TAMPA BAY: Lovie Bowl!  I dunno, both of these teams stink.  I guess I'll go with Chicago?  PICK: Chicago

CAROLINA (-7) at ATLANTA: Atlanta finally won again last week.  Shocking.  That boy Cam is really playing must watch football this year.  Rumor has it the Panthers are going to bring hockey sticks onto the field this week.  PICK: Carolina

DALLAS (+6) at BUFFALO: Is the Rex honeymoon over in Buffalo already?  I think Dallas can win this game with no Shady McCoy in the backfield for the Bills.  PICK: Dallas

JACKSONVILLE (+3.5) at NEW ORLEANS: Brees out with a torn plantar fascia (the hottest injury of the year), and the Saints playing absolutely zero defense at all makes this one pretty easy on paper.  PICK: Jax

SAN FRANCISCO (+9.5) at DETROIT: The Lions looked okay in the dome last week, but I think the 9ers can keep them within 9.  Dump told me that's why they call them the Niners actually. PICK: San Francisco

CLEVELAND (+11) at KANSAS CITY: Fat Andy has won eight in a row and is challenging for the AFC West title.  Cleveland is awful.  Seems like a No Doubter right?  You don't know Andy like I do.  This is that weird end of season game that he screws up.  PICK: Cleveland

INDIANAPOLIS (+2.5) at MIAMI: Can I pick neither team here?  PICK: Miami

NEP (-3) at NYJ: The Jets played the Pats pretty close in New England when everybody was healthy, but I think BB has got Todd Bowl and Fitzy in his back pocket.  PICK: NEP

HOUSTON (+4.5) at TENNESSEE: Brandon Weeden to the rescue!  Actually, I think Hoyer is back this week.  Mariota is out on the other side.  I don't trust a team with Dickey Bettenberger at quarterback. PICK: Houston

GREEN BAY (+4.5) at ARIZONA: The Iggs knocked Honey badger out for the year last week, but I still can't pick against the Cards in the desert.  PICK: Arizona

ST. LOUIS (+13.5) at SEATTLE: Weeks ago, the Rams beat Seattle in overtime in the Edward Jones dome.  Things have changed since then.  I don't think I can in good conscience pick Jeff Fisher to beat the Seahawks again.  I did consider it though.  Seattle is making another Super Bowl run.  PICK: Seattle

PITTSBURGH (-10) at BALTIMORE: The Ravens are cracking me up right now.  Matt Schaub not cutting it at backup qb?  Enter Jimmy Clausen.  What's that?  He isn't leading you to glory?  Here comes Ryan Mallet.  Ryan Mallet can't even make a team flight, but he is the answer at starting qb.  NO DOUBTER here.  PICK: Pittsburgh

CINCINNATI (+3.5) at DENVER:  Tough call here.  Brock isn't living up to the hype, but the Bengals are on the road and have AJ McCarron starting.  I'll take the Broncos at home I suppose.  PICK: Denver

LAST WEEK: 12-3-1
OVERALL: 115-101-8

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