Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moose's Weekly Picks

Ok, after an 8-8 week last week I bricked and forgot to make my posts by Thursday afternoon.  I can assure you though, I did pick the Jets in that game.  I won't take credit for it because that would be dishonest, but the proof is in the pudding:
See, I told you so.  Too bad for me,but now I have 15 games to make up for that gaffe and am essentially on even footing after week one.  I am 0-1 in the No Doubter column after the Pats pulled the upset in the Desert of all places.  Need to be better there.  Let's get into it.

TENNESSEE (+6.5) at DETROIT: The Lions won in a thriller against the Colts last week, and the Titans are basically a mini version of the Colts.  With that said, 6.5 seems like a lot to lay on the line.  I'll go Tight-ones here.  PICK: Tennessee

KANSAS CITY (+1) at HOUSTON: Speaking of thrillers, Fat Andy did some damage to his heart last week after that comeback against San Diego.  The Texans handled the Bears, but I'm still not sold on Ostreicher.  PICK: Kansas

MIAMI (+6) at NEP: The Pats defense seemed legit in week one against Arizona.  If they could bottle up 'Zona, they should have no problem at home against Tannehill.  Tannehill is kind of a bottle guy anyway.  I just hope big Suh doesn't try to kill Garoppolo.  PICK: NEP

BALTIMORE (-4.5) at CLEVELAND: The Browns versus the old Browns.  While they sprung from the same womb, the two teams couldn't be more different.  The Browns looked putrid last week, and RGIII is already out for the year (LOL).  Meanwhile, the Ravens have an ELITE Joe Flacco and seem healthy.  At least the Indians play at 1:10pm.  PICK: Baltimore (No Doubter)

CINCINNATI (+3) at PITTSBURGH: Bad blood here.  Hoping to get to see a little bit of this game.  James Harrison is on one of these teams, I cant remember which one.  He will aim to decapitate someone from the other team.  Other than that, these teams are extremely similar.  Gimme Ben in a pinch though.  PICK: Pittsburgh

DALLAS (+3) at WASHINGTON: I hate both of these teams.  At this point, I think I hate Washington more.  PICK: Dallas

NEW ORLEANS (+4) at NYG: This was a shootout last year.  I'm thinking that a change of location and a somewhat improved Giants defense will change the outcome a bit.  I shall choose the NYG.  PICK: NYG

SAN FRANCISCO (+12.5) at CAROLINA: File Chip Kelly under: things I hate almost as much as the Cowboys and Redskins.  With that said, 12.5 points is so much.  I think I'm gonna take the Chipper.  PICK: SF

TAMPA BAY (+7) at ARIZONA: Oh my god.  Jameis in the Desert.  Trying to decide between these two outstanding forces has me more stuck than Homer in the vending machines.
PICK: Tampa

SEATTLE (-5.5) at LAR: It seems well established that we shouldn't trust Jeff Fisher's Rams after, without hyperbole, the worst performance I have ever seen last week.  People seem to think that the Rams will come out and beat Seattle this week.  I'm not buying it.  Bury the Rams, fire Fisher.  PICK: Seattle

INDIANAPOLIS (+6.5) at DENVER: Indy has seemed to have Denver's number recently.  The Colts have won 8 of the last 9 games between these two teams.  After dispatching the Panthers last week, the Broncos look like world beaters.  I think Trevor Siemian sees how the other half lives in week 2.  PICK: Indy

ATLANTA (+4) at OAKLAND: Huge win in Week 1.  A man, a plan, a van.  OAKLAND.  PICK: Oakland

JACKSONVILLE (+3) at SAN DIEGO: Eww.  Gimme the Jags to take it to the limit.  PICK: Jacksonville

GREEN BAY (-1) at MINNESOTA: Salami Sam looks good in purple, but I think the Vikes will be blue after this game.  He is going to struggle.  PICK: Green Bay

PHILADELPHIA(+3) at CHICAGO: I get excited about our quarterback every year, but after last week I am thinking about Super Bowls.  Delusional Eagles fan level is probably at about 83% after only one week.  Keep it going against a bad defense this week.  PICK: Philadelphia


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