Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moose's Weekly Picks

Not a great week last week, and I missed the Thursday night game again this week.  Time to kick this thing into high gear in week 3. 

DENVER (+3.5) at CINCINNATI: Denver had looked flawless at home so far this season even with a rookie quarterback.  I'm thinking young Trevor might take his lumps on the road this week though.  PICK: Cincy

OAKLAND (-1.5) at TENNESSEE:  I feel like these teams play each other every week.  Didn't they play each other in week 1?  Probably.  You know I'm staying with my boy Mark Davis.  PICK: Oakland

ARIZONA (-4.5) at BUFFALO: The clock is ticking for Rex.  PICK: Arizona

BALTIMORE (-2.5) at JACKSONVILLE: Baltimore hasn't done much offensively this season, but is 2-0 nonetheless.  The Jags have yet to take it to the limit or steal the show.  PICK: Baltimore

CLEVELAND (+9.5) at MIAMI: Miami threatened in the second half last week, and Tannehill seems to be establishing some rapport with his young receivers.  I wonder if the Browns are still happy about passing on Carson Wentz.  PICK: Miami

WASHINGTON (+3.5) at NYG:  Tricky game.  The Skins need a win on the road.  I think Josh Norman will probably overshadow the team needs though, and Kirk Cousins will continue to show regression.  PICK: NYG

DETROIT (+6.5) at GREEN BAY: The Packers have looked shaky the first two weeks to be sure.  I think playing at home will cure some of those ills.  PICK: Green Bay

MINNESOTA (+6.5) at CAROLINA: Tough test for Sam Bradford on the road here.  I don't think the Vikings can keep up with the Panthers offense.  It should be closer than 6.5 though.  PICK: Vikings

SAN FRANCISCO (+10) at SEATTLE: Welcome to the NFC West Chip Kelly.  The Seahawks right the ship at home.  PICK: Seattle

LOS ANGELES (+3.5) at TAMPA BAY: Jameis was terrible last week, while the Rams stunned Seattle.  A big win by Jeff Fisher is usually followed by a confounding loss, so I'll take the Bucs.  PICK: Tampa

PITTSBURGH (-4) at PHILADELPHIA: Huge test for the Iggs here.  The defense has been great so far, but I don't think they will be able to keep up with the Steelers offense.  On offense, just let Carson Wentz survive.  PICK: Pittsburgh

NYJ (+3) at KANSAS CITY: The Jets are starting to look pretty good overall with several key players returning to their lineup.  I expect this one to be a field goal-y kind of game.  Gimme the Jets.  PICK: NYJ

SAN DIEGO (+2) at INDIANAPOLIS: Indy had a chance last week in Denver, but got burned by a few big turnovers.  Meanwhile, I think Phil Rivers is going to have to hand off to Phil Rivers, and pass to Phil Rivers today.  PICK: Indy

CHICAGO (+6.5) at DALLAS: Chicago is an abomination of a team.  PICK: Dallas (No Doubter)

ATLANTA (+2.5) at NEW ORLEANS: In the dome.  Tricky one.  I'll take Matthew Ice.  PICK: Atlanta

OVERALL: 14-17

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