Thursday, October 13, 2016

Moose's Weekly Picks

And we're back!  After an inconspicuous two week absence we return to the game we love so much.  This hasn't been a great year so far, but there is still plenty of time to right the ship.  Now that each team is starting to show its identity, let's try to really nail down these week six matchups.

DENVER (-3) at SAN DIEGO: Trevor the Kid is back for the Broncos tonight, that should put the team at ease after a tough loss to Atlanta last week.  The Chargers meanwhile have injuries at several key spots.  PICK: Denver

CINCINNATI (+9) at NEP: The Bengals looked feckless and weak against the rough and tumble offensive line of the Cowboys last week.  Now they have to head to an even tougher place to play in New England in Brady's first home game since returning from his suspension.  PICK: NEP (No Doubter)

BALTIMORE (+3) at NYG: The NYG have lost three in a row, and two tough road contests.  They should rebound against the Ravens at home.  PICK: NYG

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "The Giants don't run the ball outside enough which really confounds their offense.  I've got Baltimore steamrolling them." PICK: Baltimore

CAROLINA (-3) at NEW ORLEANS: Carolina is definitely suffering from the Super Bowl hangover.  They are on a short week and now have to head to the Dome.  I think the beat goes on and the Panthers fall further behind the 8 ball.  PICK: New Orleans

PITTSBURGH (-7.5) at MIAMI: The Steelers have responded to the drubbing the Eagles handed them with two 20+ point wins.  They should be too much for Miami to handle this week.  PICK: Pittsburgh

JACKSONVILLE (+2.5) at CHICAGO: Barf.  PICK: Jacksonville

SAN FRANCISCO (+8) at BUFFALO: True wildcard game here.  Kaepernick is IN, Gabbert is OUT.  I think Shady runs wild on Chip Kelly's boys.  PICK: Buffalo

LA RAMS (+3) at DETROIT: Detroit can beat anybody if they get the calls that they got at home last week.  Two mediocre coaches doing battle here.  PICK: Detroit

CLEVELAND (+7) at TENNESSEE: Here we are in week 6 and there are already so many teams whose seasons are over.  Cleveland is obviously one of them.  Meanwhile, I am over here with my Carson Wentz jersey (soon to be arriving from China) with plenty to play for still.  Thank god for the Browns.  PICK: Tennessee

PHILADELPHIA (-2.5) at WASHINGTON: The Iggs got screwed by the refs last week to be sure, but they also didn't look so great for much of the game.  Are they beginning to show their weaknesses? Quite possible.  I can't in good conscience take them on the road while giving points.  PICK: Washington

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "Curse of RAT strikes again here as the Skins lose on the final series.  Now, should I watch the game at 4 Courts or Clydes?" PICK: Philadelphia

KANSAS CITY (pick em) at OAKLAND: The Raiders are riding their fancy Carr to victory.  Should it break down, they always have a nice van as a backup option.  PICK: Raiders

ATLANTA (+6.5) at SEATTLE: The Falcons have racked up some nice wins in hostile environments so far.  In Seattle after a Seahawks bye week is a different story altogether.  I think they get their wings clipped this week.  PICK: Seattle

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "Mark Ryan, good BC product at qb for Atlanta.  However, the Falcons offense seems a little unwieldy, and the defense is basically useless." PICK: Seattle

DALLAS (+4.5) at GREEN BAY: The Dallas offense is legit.  Even without Dez Bryant they made it look easy against the Bengals last week.  This game has all the makings of a shootout, and since the Packers are at home I will give them the nod.  PICK: Green Bay

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "I wonder what kind of cheese the Packers fans wear on their heads.  Its well known that Swiss doesn't keep well in cold temperatures.  Probably some kind of gruyere." PICK: Dallas

INDIANAPOLIS (+3) at HOUSTON: The AFC South is an abomination.  PICK: Indy

NYJ (+7.5) at ARIZONA: Oh yes baby, we are in the desert.  The Cardinals looked putrid for a few weeks, but I think big bad Bruce Arians has turned the corner with the team.  Meanwhile, Fitzy is the Fitzy of old, throwing numerous INTs.  PICK: Arizona

OVERALL: 21-25

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