Thursday, October 20, 2016

Moose's Weekly Picks

7-6-2 last week.  Baby steps back to the promised land.  Injuries have affected a lot of games this week, so the picks become that much more difficult.  To the action!

CHICAGO (+7.5) at GREEN BAY: The Packers looked miserable last week, and lost their home mojo.  Everybody is starting to question Aaron Rodgers.  Does he bust out of his slump this week?  Methinks not.  PICK: Chicago

NYG (-3) at LA (London) RAMS: Good win for the G-Men last week despite more antics from Ladell Beckman.  I understand that the criticism of him is probably overblown, but when somebody acts like that regularly you can tell that they are very concerned about what others think of them.  Therefore Ladell is already in his own head.  With that said, I think the G-Men put Fisher back on the hot seat this week.  PICK: NYG

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "Can't trust a country that calls french fries "chips".  Chips are the greatest snack ever invented, although I try not to eat a lot of them." PICK: Giants

MINNESOTA (-2.5) at PHILADELPHIA: Two bad losses in a row for the Iggs.  The Jim Schwartz effect of taking a lot of penalties is starting to rear its ugly head.  Some are calling this a trap game for the Vikes, but I think the Eagles probably end up beating themselves here.  PICK: Minnesota

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "People say I look a lot like Carson Wentz because of the red hair and the beard.  If he's anything like me, his knee is probably in extreme pain from pulling his pants up in the bathroom.  So I'll take the Vikings." PICK: Minnesota

NEW ORLEANS (+6.5) at KANSAS CITY: Interesting dichotomy here: one team with a great offense and no defense versus a team with a good defense and minimal offense.  This is a tough one.  I'll take Fat Andy at home.  PICK: Kansas

WASHINGTON (+1.5) at DETROIT: This one seems like Vegas knows something we don't.  Washington has won four in a row and is getting points?  I'm stupid enough to fall for that I suppose.  PICK: Washington

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "The Skins have been cursed by Shears this year.  That probably has something to do with the black smoke I saw from 200 miles away the other night.  Bad omen." PICK: Washington

CLEVELAND (+10) at CINCINNATI: Toilet Bowl 2016.  Cincinnati has lost all discipline whatsoever, and the Brownies are still looking for a win this season.  They might not win this weekend, but they cover at least.  PICK: Cleveland (No Doubter)

BUFFALO (-3) at MIAMI: Buffalo has looked like a juggernaut the last few weeks.  Seems like the perfect time for a dumbfounding loss for Rex Ryan, right?  PICK: Miami

OAKLAND (+1) at JACKSONVILLE: Long trip for the Raiders, but I think they get the job done in the Bold New City of the South.  The return of Latavius Murray should help give the run game of the Raiders a little juju.  Also, I never bet against the van.  PICK: Oakland

INDIANAPOLIS (+2.5) at TENNESSEE: I have never seen a more impotent finish to a game than the Colts pathetic squandering of the lead against the Texans last week.  Every season it seems like the Colts come into the year with glaring weaknesses at some positions, and they never seem to address them.  Its just the same cast of characters every year.  Pagano has gotta Pagan-GO.  PICK: Tennessee

BALTIMORE (+1) at NYJ: Geno Smith.  PICK: Baltimore

SAN DIEGO (+6.5) at ATLANTA: Tough loss for Atlanta last week, but they showed a lot of moxie in one of the toughest places to play.  I think they take care of the Chargers pretty easily this week.  PICK: Atlanta

TAMPA BAY (-2) at SAN FRANCISCO: It's been a while since we had the Jameis TD counter.  Purely an oversight on my part.  We still love Jameis here on the blog.  We do not love Chip Kelly though.  Fat toad.  PICK: Tampa

NEP (-7) at PITTSBURGH: No Big Ben for Pittsburgh means that this should be a cakewalk for Brady and the boys.  Hopefully the Brady/Edelman connection is rekindled this week. PICK: NEP

SEATTLE (+2) at ARIZONA: Ooh man this is a tough one.  We are in the DESERT, but I suggest we pump the brakes on saying the Cardinals are back.  They beat 49ers and the Jets.  A highschool team could do that.  Gimme Seattle and the points.  PICK: Seattle

JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: "Arizona?  Isn't that where all those lungers went in that movie that wasn't as good as Wyatt Earp?  I bet there are some good honky tonks there."  PICK: Arizona

HOUSTON (+7.5) at DENVER: Denver has been shaky the past two weeks after looking unbeatable for the first four.  I think the absence of Demarcus Ware is really hurting them on defense.  Also, Trevor Siemian is a rookie after all.  Call me crazy, but I think Brock Ostreicher and the boys pull off an upset in Denver this week.  PICK: Houston

LAST WEEK: 7-6-2
OVERALL: 28-31-2

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