Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moose's Weekly Picks

The bye weeks are over (I think) and teams are beginning to make their playoff push as we enter the second half of the season.  We ended last week in the black.  Let's go for two in a row.

CLEVELAND (+8) at BALTIMORE: I took Cleveland +7 against Dallas last week.  Damn right I'm taking them +8 this week.  They won't win but they will keep it close enough.  PICK: Cleveland

HOUSTON (+1.5) at JACKSONVILLE: Houston was on bye last week.  They should be ready for the high-powered Jaguars offense.  Could this be the last stop for the Gus Bus?  PICK: Houston

KANSAS CITY (+3) at CAROLINA: I'm sick and tired of hearing the Panthers complain about hits on Cam Newton.  Do a better job of protecting his ass.  PICK: Kansas

DENVER (+3) at NEW ORLEANS: I was surprised the Broncos lost last week.  I think they right the ship against the Saints this week.  The Dome is always tricky though.  PICK: Denver

LOS ANGELES (+1.5) at NYJ: Jeff Fisher is now two games under .500.  He desperately needs a win.  Could Jared Goff make his first appearance of the season?  What about Bryce Petty?  It would make this shitty game a lot more interesting if they did.  PICK: LAR

ATLANTA (-2) at PHILADELPHIA: The Eagles were who we thought they were last week.  Dougie P's decisions are starting to get more and more confusing.  Somehow though, home games have managed to cure all ills.  Julio Jones will no doubt romp, but I think the Iggs get the win.  PICK: Philadelphia
JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: This game in Philly?  I couldn't walk anywhere in that city.  Too dangerous.  I'd have to take an Uber all the way through.  PICK: Atlanta

MINNESOTA (+2.5) at WASHINGTON: Minnesota's offensive line is abysmal, and Sam Bradford looks like the Sam Bradford we all know and love.  Look for Ryan Kerrigan to light him up at some point.  PICK: Washington
JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: I wonder if those pussies Dump and Shears will want to meet up for the game.  Come to think of it, Dump has only hung out with me once since he moved here.  Maybe it's because my jeans smell like cheese.  PICK: Washington

GREEN BAY (-2.5) at TENNESSEE: Bad loss to the Colts last week, but A-Rod and co. look to be working better on offense.  I think the Pack pull this one out.  PICK: Green Bay

CHICAGO (-1.5) at TAMPA BAY: The Bears are a different team with Cutty from the cut at quarterback.  However, I think Jameis should be able to eat their defense alive.  PICK: Tampa (No Doubter)

MIAMI (+4) at SAN DIEGO: Both of these teams have come on strong lately and could make a surprise playoff push.  Jayjay Ajayi is a monster out of the Phins backfield.  I like Big Phil and the Chargers at home though.  PICK: San Diego

SAN FRANCISCO (+13.5) at ARIZONA: The first big line of the year.  Why didn't Cleveland get at least this much last week?  It's no secret that I am enjoying the denouement of Chip Kelly.  I hope they lose by 30 in the Desert.  PICK: Arizona

DALLAS (+2.5) at PITTSBURGH: The one-time Super Bowl contending Steelers have now lost three in a row and are sitting at 4-4.  They are at home, need a win, and Big Ben is presumably healthy.  I think they knock Dallas off this week.  PICK: Pittsburgh
JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: I didn't think Primanti Brothers was anything special.  The second I got my order I said "not sure about the bread."  Mighty Subs or GTFO.  PICK: Dallas

SEATTLE (+7.5) at NEP: Game of the week right here.  BB is 12-4 with the Patriots after a bye week.  They go 12-4 every season though so that doesn't say much.  The Seahawks have played better on offense, but the defense is giving up more points than they have in the past.  That doesn't bode well against the potent NEP offense.  PICK: NEP

CINCINNATI (pick em) at NYG: NYG played well last week, but would have lost if the Eagles had made the right calls.  Cincy is 1-3 on the road this year.  The G Men are 3-1 at home.  Look for Ladell to have a big game. PICK: NYG
JOHN LOADS GUEST PICK: I once saw my friend Moose puke all over a garage in Cincinnati.  I would have taken a perv pic, but my phone was dead.  It was nine in the morning.  PICK: NYG

LAST WEEK: 6-5-1
OVERALL: 40-45-3

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